NOV 24, 2022

Top 10 Ways To Predict Regional Manager Success

Having worked with some of the best retail chains over the past 30 years, and trained literally thousands of Regional and District Managers, we can confidently predict how well these key territory leaders are performing in their roles.  The customer experience, and the staff experience, are completely impacted by how well your territory managers perform.  […]

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JUL 12, 2022

A Leader Isn’t Supposed To Be A ‘Firefighter’

  When you got promoted into your Leadership position, did they provide you with a safety helmet, fireproof jacket, axe and a fire hose?   Do you think they should have? Does it seem to you, like it does to us, that you spend way too much time putting out fires?  Troubleshooting and trouble-fixing seem to […]

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JAN 25, 2022

10 Things To Do To NOT Drive Results

We often ‘beat you over the head’ with what you need to do to increase sales, improve the customer experience and build employee engagement.  After all, that’s the work we do with our clients. But here are 10 Things NOT To Do To Drive Results.

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