President Biden says he’ll do “whatever” Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock needs going into next month’s Georgia Senate runoff — though that may mean doing very little.

Biden was missing from Georgia and other swing states, where he’s relatively unpopular, ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections and deflected a reporter’s question Thursday night about his plans ahead of the Dec. 6 runoff between Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker.

“Do you plan to go and campaign in Georgia for the runoff election?” a reporter asked Biden on the White House lawn before the president departed for a trip to a global-warming conference in Egypt.

“I plan on doing whatever he wants me to do for him,” Biden replied .

Earlier Thursday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was similarly coy at a briefing.

Joe Biden
President Biden says he’ll do “whatever” Raphael Warnock needs before the December runoff.
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Raphael Warnock
Warnocl slightly lead Herschel Walker in Tuesday’s midterm.

“Is the president going to go down to Georgia to lend some support to Raphael Warnock in this runoff?” a reporter asked.
“I don’t have anything for you right now to speak to, but clearly, the president will do whatever Sen. Warnock needs him to do to help him win,” Jean-Pierre replied. “The DNC made significant investments in Georgia this year.  But again, I don’t have anything right now to lay out as far as any travel that the president will be making.”

When asked if Warnock requested a Biden visit, Jean-Pierre said, “I actually have not — I have not heard of a request.”

The Warnock campaign did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment about whether he wants Biden to campaign for him.

Herschel Walker
Walker has been plagued by scandals since he announced his campaign.
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Biden most recently visited Georgia on Jan. 11 — exactly 10 months ago and long before the final days of a campaign in which heshied away from other Senate battlegrounds such as Arizona and Nevada, though the president did swing through his birth state of Pennsylvania multiple times to stump for winning Democratic candidate John Fetterman.

Warnock beat Walker by about 35,000 voters in the first round of voting, but since neither candidate received more than 50% of the vote, they will advance to a second round. The Peach State is traditionally a Republican stronghold but narrowly broke for Biden in 2020 and elected two Democratic senators, including Warnock, last year.

The race between Warnock, a pastor at Martin Luther King Jr.’s former Atlanta church, and the former Heisman Trophy winner Walker got nasty — with domestic violence allegations emerging against Warnock and secret children and abortion-financing allegations leveled against Walker.

In Georgia’s gubernatorial race, incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp trounced perennial Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams by nearly eight percentage points.

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