Rough TerrainEveryone needs relief from tight schedules, cluttered offices, project deadlines and boring routines. Hiking, fishing, camping or an adventurous road trip are some magical outdoor activities that will recharge you. 
Driving off-road may be just the reset you need to focus better. Most adventures need a car that can handle muddy swamps and rough terrain. Your car will also need good lights for a clear night vision in case you plan to drive in the dark.

While many cars are in the market, you will find cars designed for harsh and uneven roads lighter and with better clearance. 

Among the many brands that advertise off-road cars, here are the best all-terrain cars.

Land Rover Defender

A Land Rover is a favorite and classic off-road vehicle. The monster comes with 18″ all-season tires that give good grip and traction to drive safely. And if you need them replaced, check out or any other website that offers tire reviews. 

The  Land Rover Defender has other outstanding features like six airbags, lane keep assist, 360 degrees parking aid camera and emergency braking. 

The Defender’s maximum speed goes up to 118 mph, sufficient for many highways. In 7.7seconds, the Defender accelerates from 0- 60 mph, making it an excellent ride both off and on-road. 

You can now get a somewhat electric Land Rover Defender from the 2021 model, which offers a 48-volt hybrid system. This car has an almost foot of ground clearance as it can seamlessly maneuver about three feet of water.

Like many of its siblings in the Land Rover family, the Defender boasts premium quality and a pristine interior. With a Defender, you will travel like a king even in the roughest jungle. 

Mercedes G-Wagen

Mercedes G-Wagen is all-wheel drive. This 4-door hatchback comes with a self-parking assist and an engine with an accelerating capacity of 0-60mph in 5 seconds, checking off everything on the list. 

Though Mercedes is a luxury brand, the G-Wagen is a hybrid car with a twin-turbocharged complete V-8 engine. 

The car has a 577 hp engine and can accelerate to 137 mph, with a crankshaft that makes 6,000 revolutions per minute. Mercedes is one of the safest car brands in the world; hence you can enjoy a fast off-road experience. 


Rough Terrain

When discussing off-road vehicles, Jeep must feature among the top options. The first Cherokee was released in 1974 and has served over five generations. 

Cherokee takes about 26 mpg on the highway and 20 mpg in the city, featuring among cars with the best fuel consumption rates. It has sufficient horsepower, thanks to the DOHC 24-valve V-6 engine. At 271 hp, the vehicle accelerates from 0-60 mph in 7.2 seconds. 

Unlike the other off-road vehicles, a jeep is not square, making this car the best choice for anyone not into rugged. Cherokee is your best bet if you love cool rides that are still all-terrain friendly. 

Nissan Patrol

If you want to enjoy the best SUV in the market for any rough terrain, consider the Japanese Nissan Patrol. It has a 5.6L V-8 DOHC engine which gets up to 275 hp. Like the previously mentioned cars, the 20-inch wheel is great for all terrains.

Nissan Patrol is one of the best choices for group adventures as it sits up to 7 passengers comfortably. This machine comes with 13 premium Bose speakers making it a perfect choice for adventure-loving travelers.


Road trips are highly charged adventures and fun-filled excursions. When well-executed, the rides are fun-filled and will create precious memories. A good car is an essential requirement for a great road experience.

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