Beatersville 2022 was held at the Bullitt County Fairgrounds in Sheperdsville, KY on May 29th, 2022.  This event showcases pre-68′ traditional rods and customs – no new age technology, strictly traditional rods.

Beatersville 2022

This event has been going on for years and they continue to make the event bigger and better each year.  If you are a lover of traditional and custom rods, this is where you want to be!  The show only lets in vehicle with no digital dashes, no LED lighting, no modern technology, etc.  They want to see the old school rides that have had hours of work put into them to protect the history of the rides!

The events entire schedule was laid out in advance for those who were searching for something specifically!  The schedule was:

9:00 – Gates officially open
10:30 – Opening at Main Stage inside Gallery
11:45 – Introduce Miss Beatersville contestants (Main Stage inside Portal)
12:15 – The Nailers
1:15 – The Beat Creeps
2:00 – Show judging begins
2:15 – Vice Tricks
3:15 – Jane Rose & the Deadends
4:15 – Start awards, Main stage
4:30 – Miss Beatersville finals
4:45 – Close of show

You were able to see everything from unfinished Ford trucks, Bagged Chevys, Mini trucks, and so much more.  With one of the biggest things being the Miss Beatersville Contest.

The Miss Beatersville Contest has been a long running tradition at Beatersville 2022 and is a fan favorite for all. The competition starts out online through their Facebook event, the top three winners are brought out on Sunday to compete for the title! The beautiful women spend hours getting ready for this contest specifically and everyone always has fun!  Congratulations to the winner for the 2022 Title of Miss Beatersville!

We have made sure to attend each year, and we wont stop now!  We are ready for Beatersville 2023!

Photos by: Todd Atkins


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