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When it comes to road crashes, truck accidents have a reputation for being far more complicated than an average injury claim. While a truck’s relatively bigger size can be partially blamed, other factors also make truck accidents catastrophic. These factors may also eventually influence the settlement amount or final compensation. 

If you have been in a truck accident, it is best to hire truck crash attorneys to represent your claim. Not only can lawyers help you understand your rights, but they can also assist you in determining liability in incredibly complicated cases. For a detailed overview, read ahead to learn the factors that can influence your compensation. 

Insurance companies have complex policies regarding coverage in a truck accident. Vehicle size is one of the most common determinants of compensation. Since a truck accident is more likely to cause severe injuries than an average car crash, insurance policies are designed to escape liability. For instance, your insurance company may not offer coverage if a commercial truck driver is at fault. 

In addition, there are several trucking industry regulations that commercial companies are mandated to follow. In the event of an accident with a truck driver, these strict regulations can cause challenges in the claim-filing process. 

Due to their massive size, most truck accidents involve more than just two parties. This can make determining liability extremely difficult. Not to mention, more parties imply the involvement of multiple insurance companies. Obscure insurance policies and numerous involved parties are a recipe for disaster. 

Not only does this make settling next to impossible, but lawyers are likely to struggle with the investigation and source supporting evidence. If involved parties cannot settle, the claim might have to go to trial, making the entire process far more complicated. 

Beyond the direct victims involved in a truck accident, the involvement of other liable parties can complicate a truck accident. At a basic level, plaintiffs need to establish negligence on the truck driver’s part to seek compensation for damages. However, determining liability for negligence can be tricky in commercial truck accidents. 

Trucking companies are infamous for their poor working conditions and binding contracts. If the truck driver caused the crash due to distraction or overworking, victims would have to deal with big corporations and their insurance carriers for compensation. It would also raise the question of whether the driver or the company is liable for damages. 

Product defect and government liability might also come into play if the accident was caused due to poor truck maintenance or bad road quality. 

Adequate evidence makes up the backbone of a solid personal injury claim. However, unlike other cases, evidence in truck accidents can be challenging to document. Medical records, police reports, and testimonies are insufficient to back a truck accident claim. 

To establish truck driver liability, your lawyer must investigate the accident site, analyze vehicle damage and interpret complex insurance policies. In addition, they would also have to review the truck’s event record data to identify discrepancies. 

Other evidence may include an assessment of maintenance logs, employee records, and employee regulations of the trucking company. These combined factors make calculating the total compensation a highly complex process. 

According to a report from IIHS, approximately 4,014 people died due to large truck accidents in 2020. The complexity of truck accidents eventually saturates to the widespread damage and severe injuries they can cause. 

Traumatic brain injury, damage to the spinal cord, and deaths due to internal bleeding are common consequences of truck accidents. In such a scenario, seeking compensation becomes more of an attempt to avenge a loved one’s loss than strictly seeking financial damages.     

Undoubtedly, truck accidents are traumatic incidents that can derail your life. Although seeking compensation might be difficult, it is possible. With a qualified attorney by your side, you can receive the compensation you deserve.  Check out our other news articles here


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Ready to transform your workflow? I’ve started out this year with a new tool in my tool belt that you’ll definitely want to check out. With this tool, you can take one of my favorite strategies (canned response) to the next level and save time across numerous platforms. Today on the blog, I’ll introduce you to Text Blaze. It’s a Chrome extension that lets you create custom templates, so you don’t have to type the same thing over and over again.

Regular readers of the blog know how much I love saving time. My one word of 2022 was optimize, and I’m carrying over that mission to 2023 as I review the ways I interact in digital spaces. So when the team at Text Blaze reached out to me, I couldn’t wait to try out their tool and report back to you. Let’s take a look at how you can use Text Blaze for free!

Smart Templates in Action

As you can see in the video below, there are lots of ways to use Text Blaze in an educational setting. It’s not a copy-and-paste tool but a way to set you up for success with a smart template that lets you focus on the essential parts of your work. The possibilities are endless, from providing feedback and suggesting resources to your students to corresponding with families and colleagues! Of course, how you want your custom templates to look is entirely up to you.

If you’re an educator outside the classroom, you’ll find many ways to use Text Blaze during your daily workflow. So how do I use Text Blaze to save time? Right now, I’m using the free plan of Text Blaze, and it has let me create shortcuts for messages spread throughout my day. For example, I use it for templates for my podcast (like confirming new guests), templates for social media (like responding to DMs), and even templates for the work I do with schools (like scheduling calls to check in).

custom templates

Setting Up Your First Custom Templates

Interested in setting up your first template? Here are the steps you need to follow.

First, download the Text Blaze Chrome extension to install it in your browser. You might want to pin the extension to your browser (that’s what I’ve done) as a quick way to remember your new custom templates.

Text Blaze is free to use. There is a Pro Plan with extra features, but I’m still using the free plan, and I think it’s the perfect place to start.

Next, look at some of the examples that will pop up on your Text Blaze dashboard. You can also head to this special page for teachers to find examples of the ways educators can make the most of this tool.

Finally, start making your own custom templates. If you’re unsure where to start, make a mental note (or put a sticky note on your computer) to stay on the lookout for something you find yourself repeatedly writing that is basically the same (more ideas below). If you’ve typed it out more than twice, it might be worth adding as a smart template.

9 Custom Templates for Educators to Try

When might you use custom templates? If you’ve listened to an episode of my podcast or checked out this post with spring cleaning tips, you know I love a canned response. One of the strategies I mention in the post is quickly skimming the last few dozen emails you’ve sent. Are there patterns in your responses? For example, do you keep writing the same email to answer the same questions from different people? If you notice a pattern in your responses, you might want to set up a smart template in Text Blaze.

Here are some more examples of when a custom template can save you oodles of time:

  • Report card comments
  • Progress report outlines
  • Reminders for field trips
  • Constructive feedback
  • Suggested resources to review
  • Answer a common colleague question
  • Essay writing rubric
  • Scheduling a meeting with families
  • Setting up a student conference

When you’re ready to take it to the next level, there are plenty of ways to go even further with smart templates from Text Blaze. For example, you can create smart templates with placeholders, conditional text, and formulas.

Getting Started with Smart Templates

Ready to get started saving lots of time? You can save smart text templates and insert them anywhere with Text Blaze. Use this link to head straight to the Chrome Web Store!

If you have a favorite time-saving template, share it on social media and tag me (on Twitter and Instagram) and the team at Text Blaze (on Twitter).


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Jalopies for Jackson 2022 was held in Lewisville, IN on May 21, 2022.  Known for not only bringing in the sickest rides around, but for also bringing awareness and raising funds for childhood cancer!

Jalopies for Jackson started in 2012 for a young boy named Jackson.  Jackson was diagnosed with 3 brain tumors before the age of 8, so the family decided to start a car show to raise awareness but also for the family to help pay it forward for all of the help that they have received.  Through many treatments, we are proud to announce that Jackson kicked cancers ass!

We have made sure to attend the show for the past few years, but in 202o COVID affected Jalopies for Jackson just like it did many of the other shows.  In 2021, they were torn on whether or not to have a show to continue keeping families and fans safe, so they compromised on a one night cruise in.  But this year, the show was back on strong!

With hundreds of vehicles, a great atmosphere, and amazing awards; this show is one we never forget.  We especially love the award Jacksons Pick!  Congratulations to this years winner!

Jalopies for Jackson 2022

This show is know for giving back to their community. This year, they were accepting donations for the St. Baldricks Foundation which funds childhood cancer research.  They aso had a blood drive truck from the Indiana Blood Center for those who chose to donate blood.  Also, those who attended were asked to bring new, unopened Hot Wheel and Matchbox cars so that the family could take those to Riley Hospital for Children.

We are happy that after a two year hiatus, Jalopies for Jackson 2022 is back and better than ever.  We had an amazing time and we cannot wait for the 2023 event!

Photos by:  Todd Atkins


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Rolling in the Red Rocks

Rollin in the Red Rocks 2022 was held on May 21, 2022 in St. George, Utah.  Bringing in all kinds of vehicles ranging from the all-original classics to your full-blown custom cars and trucks, we enjoyed every aspect of the show!

The event was created by someone who wants people to come back for years to come.  With the venue, location, vendors, and vehicles; for us, we can say we will be back.

Friday of the show was used for vendors to roll in and set up their area.  With shirts, parts, food, and memorabilia for the event, the vendors also had a great weekend!  Friday was also for show cars to come in and prepare their vehicle for show as well as pre registration and new registration packet pickup!

Saturday was the start of the entire event.  Their Saturday schedule was filled with fun!

8am – Day of Show Registration Opens

11am – End Registration

12pm – Limbo Contest

2pm – Axe Throwing Tournament

5pm – End of Show

6pm – Meet Up for Cruise

6:30pm – Cruise Begins

8pm – Indoors Opens for Indoor Show Vehicle’s to Park

9pm – Indoors Closes for the Night

Saturday was over 12 hours of fun, but it went by in the blink of an eye! Sunday came quick and although the show was still on, it was not nearly as long as Saturday.

Sundays Schedule went:

9am – Show Begins

10am – Raffles Drawn and Posted

2pm – Final Raffles/Auction

2:30pm – Award Ceremony

End of Show/Move Out

It came time for us to pack up Sunday and as we were leaving, we felt sad that there was not more time!  Between the location and Rolling in the Red Rocks show itself, this show was for sure unlike any other event we have gone to.

They have locked in their 2023 dates, and you can bet we will be there!

Photos by: Cheri Delgadillo


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Friends in Low Places 2022 was held at the Call Family Distillery in from June 3-June 4, 2022. The show brings in hundreds of vehicles and attendees ready to enjoy some family fun through the vehicles, live music, auction, vendors, and more!

Friends in Low Places 2022 brought in a lot for a two day show.  Between judging, awards, art auctions, live music, cruise in, and much more; there wasn’t much missing! You were also able to see a wide variety of vehicles from your bare metal classics to fully custom restored classics, you had mini trucks, bagged mid/fullsized trucks, lifted trucks, classic trucks, and more.

Starting Friday night at the Distillery, attendees meet up for a cruise in.  It allows for everyone to get together and enjoy the night before a day filled with Car Show fun.  When Saturday came around, it started off bright and early.  The day went fast as there was so much to do and a lot to see.  Friends in Low Places 2022 was the furthest thing from a let down, we had a great time and you can tell everyone who attended did too!

What kind of show would it be if you also did not have a variety of vendors with food and clothing to have you all set for the event. Later on you were able to enjoy the pin up contest, charity auction, and sample some of the drinks from the local distillery!  Adding some drinks to an already good time just tops off the event!

We are ready for the 2023 show and already have it marked in our calendars!

Photos by: Chris Gosda


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Madness in the Mountains was held at the Bowen Field in Bluefield, West Virginia on May 14, 2022.  Although there was a continuous threat of storms throughout the week of the event, it did not stop the crowd from filling the event.

Registration started at 8am with a lineup of vehicles ready to enter the event! Madness in the Mountains is known for attracting some of the sickest vehicles on the east coast as well as having a show that the entire family can enjoy!

Madness in the Mountains 2022

The majority of the show lot was packed full of vehicles of all types, styles and eras.  There were also vendors representing anything you could think of, food vendors of various types and of course don’t forget about the spectators that filled the place. The event seemed like a great success for the promoters, the charity and the community even though mother nature decided to let loose later in the afternoon.

Madness in the Mountains supported the Ronald McDonald House of Southern WV.  All proceeds from the event went straight to RMH.  We all love a show that supports a great cause!

As well as new judges; the show brought in a mass amount of awards with many being new!

Trophy Classes:
Top 50 from 1985 and down
Top 50 from 1986 and up
Top 5 lifted
Top 5 mini trucks
Top 5 Jeeps
Top 5 modern muscle
Top 3 Bikes
Top 5 Imports
Best Paint
Best Graphics
Best Classic Car
Best Classic Truck
Best Muscle
Best Import
Best Drag Car/Truck
Best Interior
Best Mini Truck
Best Lifted
Best Sleeper Vehicle
Best Full Size
Best Jeep
Best All Original
Best Stock Vehicle 2000+
Slammed & Cammed Magazine pick
Dare To Be Different
Best Rat Rod
2023 Flyer Award (what vehicle goes on flyer for 2023)
2023 T-Shirt Award (what goes on show shirt for 2023)
Best Of Show

We are ready for the 2023 event and we hope to see you all there!

Photos by: Chris Gosda


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If your car is your prized possession, and you want to protect it at all costs, then you may have thought about buying or renting a car storage unit. You may be looking to keep that vintage car away from outdoor elements or just looking for extra security for your daily parking spot. Either way, this guide will walk you through some top tips for choosing the right storage solution for your vehicle. From selecting car storage sizes to the type of self-storage unit, we will explain how to choose the best storage facility.

Car Storage Unit

Car & Vehicle Storage Unit Guide

If you have decided to look into car storage options, there are a few things you should consider. How big of a storage unit do I need for my vehicle? What is my budget? Should I rent a storage unit or a parking space?

Before you commit to storing your vehicle in self-storage, you should research other options to ensure you get the best choice for your budget. For example, you can book monthly parking spaces that are covered or even in garages for reasonable prices from places like, and it is worth comparing the prices before settling on storage options.

If you do decide to go with self-storage, then we have put together some tips to help you below.

How to find the right size storage unit?

The first and most important thing is to work out your vehicle size. That will determine what size storage unit you will need. Take some time to measure your vehicle and determine the minimum size required before searching for vehicle storage. This will help ensure that you select the perfect fit for your vehicle and save you time and money.

Start by measuring the length of your vehicle, considering the bumpers. Then measure the width of the vehicle, including the door mirrors.

Once you have the measurements, you can start your search for the right storage unit size. Generally speaking, you will want an extra 6 feet of clearance all around your vehicle to enable you to open doors and park safely.

10 x 10 Storage Units

These storage units will likely only be able to store vehicles which are the smallest on the market, but you still should check there will be enough clearance around the vehicle to open doors.

10 x 15 Vehicle Storage

This self-storage unit would be able to take compact cars the size of a Mini Cooper, Fiesta or SMART car.

10 x 20 Storage

This is a standard-size self-storage unit that will fit more cars. You will need to get something bigger for larger vehicles, but this will fit cars like Ford Explorer or a Honda Accord.

10 x 25 Self Storage

If you are looking to store a van, RV or much larger SUV, you may need to upgrade to 250 square feet. Of course, it will all depend if the vehicle is the only thing you wish to store!

What are the different car storage types?

The best way to determine what type of storage space you need is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want a short-term or long-term option?
  • Will you be storing your vehicle indoors or outdoors?

If you only want short-term options, then covered parking or other parking options may be better for you. Self-storage may be your best option if you want something safe and monitored while you are not there for a longer period.

Enclosed Car Storage

These are typically the most secure and safe places for storing your car. They are like large garages where you can drive straight in and will keep your car out of the elements. You usually access them through a roll-up door, and they have features like climate control and CCTV.

Indoor Vehicle Storage

This is still indoors, protecting your car from the elements, but it is a shared indoor space. Cheaper than your own enclosed unit but less convenient as you will have to arrange times you can retrieve your car.

Covered parking spaces

This will protect your car from the worst damage, but it is just a roof cover, so whilst it will be cheaper, it will not be as secure.

How much do storage facilities cost?

Depending on your location, you can expect to p[ay anywhere from $50 – $400 per month for a small storage unit. For larger units and added features like climate control, you can easily add on an extra $50 a month.

How to prepare your vehicle for storage?

If you have made the decision to store your car away, then there are a few essential things to do beforehand. Taking this time to prep, your vehicle will pay off in the long term, keeping it in good condition.

  1. The first step to preparing your car for storage is to clean it thoroughly. Remove all dirt and debris from the outside of the car, giving it a wash. Vacuum and wipe down the inside of the car, leaving an air freshener to keep it smelling good.
  2. Take your car for a service before you put it into self-storage. Ensure all the fluids are topped up and the tires are inflated.
  3. If you will not be using the car for a while, disconnect the battery so that it does not drain.

Vehicle Storage Summary

A car storage unit is a great idea because it protects your custom vehicle and can be more cost-effective than other options. If this sounds like a good option for you, make sure when choosing which company to rent from you measure your vehicle correctly and consider the size and type of self-storage you will need. With all of the tips above, you should be able to find the right size car storage unit for your vehicle. 


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Can you use the popular AI tool ChatGPT to save time? Over the past few months, I’ve looked at numerous ways for educators to save time using this new chatbot. If you’ve followed along with my blog and podcast in the past, you know that working smarter, not harder, is a big theme of the resources I share.

In today’s blog post, we’re not looking at the role of ChatGPT in education from the student perspective. However, there have been plenty of articles recently on what this means for students to write essays or conduct research with ChatGPT. If you’re curious about these conversations, check out this article from The Atlantic, or this one from Edutopia, about the impact of ChatGPT on classroom instruction.

Teachers Can Save Time with ChatGPT - Infographic

Can teachers use ChatPGT? You bet! ChatGPT isn’t COPPA compliant, and it’s not designed for students. Of course, that doesn’t mean kids of all ages won’t try and use it – but for today’s purposes, it simply won’t be the focus of this post. Instead, I want to share ten ways you can use ChatGPT to save time. And while you play around with this free tool, you can also get a sense of what students might use it for and the potential impact in classrooms.

10 Things Teachers Can Do with ChatGPT to Save Time

How does ChatGPT work? After you set up an account, you can start typing in prompts or questions. You can use complete sentences, write a general task, or ask something very specific. Use this link to set up an account.

One way you can make the most of ChatGPT is to accelerate your workflow — or work harder, not smarter. I recently sat down with Angela Watson from the Truth for Teachers podcast to chat about this topic during a live recording session at the FETC Conference.

The ten things in the list below are all time-saving tips, and I hope as you play around with ChatGPT, you will share what you learn with other educators. Maybe you’ll even tag me on social media (find me on Instagram and Twitter) to let me know what you learn, too.

Regular readers of the blog know that I often focus on ways teachers can save time (like “8 Time-Saving Tips for Teaching with Podcasts – Easy EdTech Podcast 182” or “7 Google Calendar Tips for Teachers“). The ten tasks listed below are things you probably already do. But with ChatGPT, you can do it faster. And you might find that the result is even better than your first attempt at doing it on your own – especially if you’re tired or just spent after a long day.

Email Reminders

Have a field trip on the calendar? Try using the prompt “Write an email to remind families about our field trip to the museum next week.” As you can see in the screenshot below, the email that ChatGPT wrote for me has a simple format and gives me space to add specific details.

ChatGPT Teacher Tips and Examples 4

Feedback Ideas

If you’re stuck on what kind of feedback to give students, try asking ChatGPT. Use the prompt, ‘My students are writing persuasive essays, and I want to give them feedback on their introduction. What kind of things can I say to them to help strengthen their writing?” The response from ChatGPT gave me a few ideas I can customize for a group of students.

ChatGPT Teacher Tips and Examples

Rewrite a Sentence

Worried that part of a task or email doesn’t sound quite right? Use the prompt, “Rewrite this sentence so it is clearer.” Then add your sentence to the query box. You could also ask, “Rewrite this sentence, so it is [fill in the blank with: friendlier, more concise, simpler].”

Resource Search

I just returned from speaking at the FETC conference in New Orleans. So with New Orleans still on my mind, I decided to try the prompt, “Where can I go to find primary source documents about New Orleans state history?” Although I might have put this in a Google search, I love how ChatGPT came up with answers and descriptions so I can now search more efficiently.

ChatGPT Teacher Tips and Examples 2

Simplify an Explanation

Sometimes it’s hard to keep things simple. If you’re struggling to write something in a concise manner, or you’re looking at the directions you want to give students, and you feel like something is missing or just too complicated, place it in ChatGPT. Add the prompt, “Simplify this, so it is less confusing,” then paste the paragraph you wrote.

Breakdown a Process

When I write a step-by-step guide, I reread it multiple times to ensure I didn’t miss a crucial step. Instead, you might use a prompt like “Explain the process of turning in an assignment in Google Classroom” and then customize it for your group of students. This prompt can save time by giving you a starting point instead of writing entirely from scratch.

ChatGPT Teacher Tips and Examples

Video Titles and Descriptions

Do you make videos for your students, or are you interested in flipping your classroom? Try having ChatGPT write the video titles and descriptions for you. For example, you might ask, “Write a catchy title and informative description for a video for my students about the lattice method for multiplication.” Of course, you don’t have to use this exact title and description, but it can certainly save you time if you are uploading a unit’s worth of videos into YouTube.

ChatGPT Teacher Tips and Examples

Keyboard Shortcuts

Earlier this year, I shared some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts on the podcast. If you’d like to find a quick list without having to scroll through a handful of responses on Google, try asking ChatGPT. For example, you might say, “Make a list of keyboard shortcuts for Google Calendar.”

Writing Prompts

A popular way to start the day in a classroom is to ask students to write about a relevant topic. You might tell ChatGPT to generate a list of writing prompts for you. Once you see the suggestions, you can modify them to meet the needs of your students. Here’s what ChatGPT came up with when I asked, “Make a list of 10 writing prompts I can share with students to have them write about endangered species.”

Email Revisions

One of the ways I’ve used ChatGPT to save time this year is to revise my emails. After I write an email, I will paste the text into ChatGPT with the prompt “Rewrite this email so it is friendly, clear, and professional.” Of course, you can modify the adjectives to fit your goals and substitute them with words like concise, serious, brief, or silly.

You might find that ChatGPT is helpful in various ways – not just teaching. Here are a few bonus tips to try out:

  • Give me a recipe for lasagna for two people
  • What day of the week was [add your date of birth]?
  • Make a list of holidays in March

Did I write this blog post with ChatGPT? Nope, but it did help me out with a few winter blog posts, including this one on video journals and this one on making animated videos. If you’re ready to get started using ChatGPT to save time, create a free account and use one of the prompts listed above. I can’t wait to hear what you think! Share your ideas on social media and tag me @ClassTechTips on Instagram and Twitter, or just send me a DM if you have something awesome to share!


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With 7 rate hikes over the past year, there have been talks about a full blown recession in 2023.

What is one of the most defensive stocks in the Singapore market that you can consider to not only ride more upside but also get a pretty decent dividend yield amidst the recession, if any.

Watch this video as I analyzed this stock that has came into my watchlist over the past few months.

Though we have already moved up a little, there potentially may still have more upside.

See if you are in time and why you want add this to your portfolio too..

Watch here >>



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Common injuries in motorcycle accidents range from bruising and broken bones to internal injuries. These injuries can even go as far as death. If you’re in a motorcycle accident, it is vital to get checked out by medical professionals at the scene of the accident or go to your local hospital for help. It is also important to call a motorcycle lawyer to file a lawsuit against the negligent party that caused the accident. To avoid these types of injuries, wear a helmet and riding gear designed for your specific type of bike, and make sure the seat is secure enough for you.

1. Broken Bones

If you suffer a broken bone in a motorcycle accident, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital or emergency room. Broken bones are one of the most common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents. These include fractures, contusions, and sprains. If you break a bone in your arm, you need to wear a sling; if it’s in your leg, you need crutches. You should wear the splint or use the crutches until your doctor says it’s OK for you not to use them anymore.

2. Bruises

If you get a bruise on your body, apply ice to it right away. Bruises are also one of the most common injuries that you can get in a motorcycle accident. Taking care of them is essential because they can become infections. If you see an open sore on your body, report it to your doctor immediately or visit them at the hospital directly.

3. Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are some of the worst that you can get in a motorcycle accident because they do not show up as bruises or open sores so quickly. These include broken ribs, internal bleeding, and organ damage. If you experience headaches and dizziness, or vomit for no reason, go to the hospital immediately.

4. Dislocated Joints

Dislocated joints are also one of the most common motorcycle accident injuries that you can get. These include shoulder dislocations and elbow dislocations. To help with these types of injuries, it is best to apply ice to the area of the injury; do not apply too much pressure on it because that will cause more damage to the joint.

5. Head Injuries

If you suffer a head injury in a motorcycle accident, it’s essential to seek medical attention immediately. You might be unconscious and need treatment in the hospital. The most common head injuries are concussions and brain trauma. If you experience these types of injuries, you need to be admitted to the hospital immediately because they can cause permanent damage if not taken care of quickly enough. Report any head injury affecting your vision or hearing or that causes nausea or headaches to your doctor immediately.

While most motorcycle accident injuries are not life-threatening, they can still be very painful and nerve-wracking. You should take care of any injury as soon as possible. The earlier you treat a wound, the better it will heal. If you have any questions about motorcycle accidents, you should contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in your area.