Still together? Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler has had a rocky road with longtime boyfriend Luke Davis. But where do the reality stars currently stand? Keep scrolling for details on their relationship status.

Are Kayla and Luke Engaged?

In a teaser for season 3, Luke is seen proposing to his then-girlfriend while out to dinner for her birthday. “Will you marry me?” was written on the dessert plate. 

“Oh, my God. Don’t do this,” Kayla says as she realized what was happening, it remains unclear if Kayla said “Yes.” 

However, shortly after his proposal, Kayla and Luke went their separate ways after she asked for a 30-day trial separation during an August episode of the MTV reality show. 

Are Kayla and Luke Still Together?

Kayla moved into her mom’s house while Luke moved in with a friend for their month apart. 

The pair discussed their custody arrangement for their temporary split saying they plan to “go with the flow.” 

“I’ll take Zay to school every morning like I’ve done before,” Luke said at the time. “We’re definitely going to talk every day and Facetime at night so I could say goodnight to the kids.”

At the time the Illinois native admitted to feeling “relieved” about their decision to take time apart. 

“Of course I’m sad. I love Luke, but at the same time, I kind of feel relieved because we have been on this roller-coaster for years just of ups and downs,” Kayla said during a confessional.

The couple’s decision to take a break from their relationship comes amid cheating accusations on both sides as well as major family drama with Luke’s mom and sister. However, following a month of living apart, the pair have seemingly decided to end their relationship. 

“I’ve been avoiding talking to Luke because even though I know ending things is what needs to happen, it’s not how I hoped things would go between us,” Kayla admitted during the September 13 episode. “But I know I can’t put it off any longer.”

“Last time we were here on these couches, a month ago … I told you there were some things I needed from you or else we’re gonna have to, like, re-evaluate our future and you didn’t do any of them,” she told him, to which he replied with a disinterested, “Yeah.”

“I just felt it wasn’t fair for you to put a timeline on it,” Luke said. 

“I didn’t expect in a month everything was just going to be perfect,” Kayla claimed, adding, “I just needed you to try, that’s literally all I wanted, and you didn’t.”

“You say you want to be with me, you want to marry me, you want all this stuff, but then I feel like your actions don’t show that and that really hurts,” she added, before Luke dismissed the conversation. 

“If you need to leave and be by yourself, then you can go and do that,” he said.

Aside from coparenting duties, the pair have not appeared on each other’s social media accounts since December 2021.

How Many Kids Do Kayla and Luke Have?

Kayla and Luke share daughter Ariah, whom they welcomed in August 2019. They also coparent her son, Izaiah, whom she welcomed in September 2017 with ex Stephan Alexander

The couple appears to be amicably coparenting their children and even threw their daughter a joint 3rd birthday party in August. 


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