Making it official? 90 Day Fiancé stars Usman “SojaBoy” Umar and Kimberly Menzies were one of the most captivating couples on season 5 of Before the 90 Days and the pair have since graduated to appear on the franchise spinoff, Happily Ever After?. With a nearly two-decade age gap and long-distance being factors in their relationship, fans are divided over if they will last in the end. Keep reading to find out the latest details on if Usman and Kimberly are still together.  

Are Usman and Kimberly Still Together?

While the pair’s romantic connection didn’t look promising following the Before the 90 Days tell-all in April 2022, it seems the flames are still going strong as the international lovers are back to document their love story on Happily Ever After?.

Returning for season 7, Kim is set to return to Nigeria to propose to Usman against the wishes of either of their families. While Kim’s adult son, Jamal, feels she’s rushing into the relationship, Usman’s mother would rather him be with a woman that can produce a grandchild. 

While Kim is open to Usman taking a second wife, the San Diego native is adamant that she must be his first — despite his family’s determination to set him up with a younger partner.

Before 90 Days Usman Kim Meet 1st Time
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Usman and Kim on ‘Before the 90 Days.’

Are Kimberly and SojaBoy Boyfriend and Girlfriend?

SojaBoy and Kimberly have both been outspoken about their feelings for each other, and unfortunately, that didn’t end up translating when the pair spent a night together on Before the 90 Days

The “Zara” rapper explained to his new love that Nigerian culture frowns upon premarital sex, which is why he was moving more slowly with Kimberly than he did with ex-wife Lisa Robinson (née Hamme). 

“It was a great first step that Usman stayed the night, but now, I want the other parts of it,” Kim admitted in her confessional in a January 2022 episode. “I want the kissing. I want the sex. I want the intimacy.”

“I’m really trying to be respectful of Usman’s culture, but we only have this time together before he goes back to Nigeria and I go back to the States,” she noted. 

Are 90 Day Fiances Usman SojaBoy Umar and Kimberly Menzies Still Together
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Since Kim only had a few days left in Tanzania, she applied pressure on Usman the following day and gave him an ultimatum: if they did not get intimate during this trip, she would no longer be interested in being friends with him and she would start dating other men when she returned to America.

Usman wasn’t ready to lose her, so he gave in, and they consummated their relationship in a February 2022 episode of the spinoff. The following morning Usman officially asked Kimberly to be his girlfriend and she accepted, which aired a week later. Once they became boyfriend and girlfriend, SojaBoy gave her the nickname “Queen Kimberly.”

Is Usman and Kim’s Relationship Real?

SojaBoy professed his love for Kimberly before their season of Before the 90 Days aired on TV, telling Entertainment Tonight in December 2021 that he adored her with “all my bones [and] my heart.”

The Bares All alum said that Kimberly initially had been a big fan of his and reached out to him personally via direct messages before they decided to meet face to face. He also discussed dating older women, telling the publication that his type is more correlated to “someone who is going to give me peace.” 

“Right now, I am in love,” he continued. “I love Kimberly, I can say that any way in the world. I love her. I’m not shy. I’m not ashamed. I am proud to say that I love her. I love her for real.”

Fans will just have to wait and see if they stick together!

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7 premieres on TLC and Discovery+ on Sunday, August 28, at 8 P.M. ET/PT.


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