The new HomePod offers help with a range of everyday tasks – from smart home automation to alerts when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

Apple introduced its brand new HomePod. The latest edition of the premium smart speaker offers extraordinary audio capabilities, updated Siri, and a secure smart home experience. The 2nd generation HomePod comes with improved acoustics in an iconic design.

The smart speaker is priced at Rs 32,900. It’s available to order from Apple’s online store starting today with availability starting February 3rd. According to the Cupertino tech giant, the latest HomePod comes with advanced computational audio that offers an immersive experience including support for surround soundtracks.

As if the improved sound experience wasn’t enough, the new device also offers assistance with a range of everyday tasks – from smart home automation to alerts when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

In addition, HomePod also features a new built-in temperature and humidity sensor that can measure the indoor environment and help users create customized automation. Users can control one device or multiple smart home accessories through personalized scenes and enjoy hands-free automation with HomePod.

In terms of sound quality, the all-new Homepod offers rich and deep bass at high frequencies. In addition, the S7 chip combines software and system sensing technology to offer advanced computational audio.


According to Apple, the HomePod features room-sensing technology that allows it to adjust the sound in real time based on sound reflections. Interestingly, the new HomePod comes with only one woofer with five tweeters, unlike the original model which had seven tweeters. Also, the microphone array has been reduced from six microphones to four microphones. 

HomePod 2nd generation is compatible with iPhone SE 2 or later, devices running iOS 16.0 or later, iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation) and later, iPad Air (3rd generation) and later, or iPad mini (5th generation) or later running on iPadOS 16.3.

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