The House Ethics Committee is investigating Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the congressional panel confirmed Wednesday.

The eight-member committee provided no details about the nature of the investigation, saying only that it had decided to extend its consideration of a matter brought to its attention on June 23 of this year, and would announce its ultimate course of action some time next year.

But socialist darling AOC was the subject of two complaints submitted to the Office of Congressional Ethics over her attendance at last year’s Met Gala.

Ocasio-Cortez made waves at the gala wearing a designer-made dress emblazoned with the words: “Tax the Rich.”

Both complaints allege the socialist rep, 33, broke House rules by accepting free tickets to the star-studded affair.

“The Committee notes that the mere fact of a referral or an extension, and the mandatory disclosure of such an extension and the name of the subject of the matter, does not itself indicate that any violation has occurred, or reflect any judgment on behalf of the Committee,” a statement read.

Lawmakers are allowed under chamber regulations to take free tickets to charity events directly from organizers — and The Post has previously reported that Ocasio-Cortez and her now-fiancé Riley Roberts were directly invited by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being investigated by the House Ethics Ethics Committee.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being investigated by the House Ethics committee. She was previously the subject of two ethics complains related to her attendance at the 2021 Met Gala.

Conservative groups allege, however, that such an allowance does not apply to the Met Gala, since invitations are controlled by a for-profit company — media conglomerate Conde Nast — and the tables at the event are similarly sponsored by corporate entities.

The American Accountability Foundation — the organization behind the initial ethics complaint filed against the congresswoman — claimed that Instagram “was able to purchase access to Representative Ocasio-Cortez that is unavailable to average citizens” by sponsoring a table at the gala.

One of the complains against AOC is related to her "Tax the Rich" dress from the Met Gala.
One of the complains against AOC is related to her “Tax the Rich” dress from the Met Gala.
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

The second ethics complaint, filed by the National Legal and Policy Center, alleged that the borrowed white Brother Vellies gown worn by AOC — which featured the alleged “Tax The Rich” in red lettering on the back — constituted an impermissible gift because it was “directly related to AOC’s ‘position with the House’ as a highly visible and controversial Member.”

“If AOC had not been a Member, she would not have been invited to the Gala,” the NLPC complaint read, “and even if she would have been invited as a private citizen, the designer would not have made a special dress for her to wear at the event.”

It is unclear if the probe acknowledged Wednesday is related to the Met Gala complaints, but a similar complaint lodged against outgoing Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney was also referred to the House Ethics Committee on June 23 of this year.

The Maloney complaint alleged she violated House rules by requesting tickets to the 2016 edition of the gala after she was left off the initial guest list.

In a statement to The Post on Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortez’s office said the rep had done nothing wrong.

“The Congresswoman has always taken ethics incredibly seriously, refusing any donations from lobbyists, corporations, or other special interests,” a statement read. “We are confident that this matter will be dismissed.”


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