A recent chase in north Texas involved two suspects running from police with a baby on board. Now, those suspects face numerous charges.

Marvin Guevara, the driver of the white SUV that pulled up alongside of a stolen blue Dodge Charger that police were pursuing, has been booked into the Dallas County Jail, and is charged with six offenses.

The man inside that Charger, Andy Guevara, is charged with car theft, among other things, according to FOX 4 News Dallas-Forth Worth. He allegedly got out of the Charger, grabbed a baby in a car seat and jumped into the passenger seat of the SUV before it pulled away.

That SUV, identified as a Jeep, drove into a west Dallas neighborhood, while just missing other cars and cutting through fences, before stopping at the Lake West Head Start Center.

That is where Andy reportedly grabbed the baby and ran inside. 

Deputies ran in after the Guevara men, and brought both out in handcuffs

Two men arrested after wild police chase with baby in car
The two suspects ran away from police with a baby inside the car.

Marvin Guevara
Marvin Guevara was charged with six different offenses.

Andy Guevara
Andy Guevara was arrested for car theft.

A woman arrived at the scene and identified herself as the baby’s mother, Summer Hamilton. She was later arrested on an outstanding theft warrant. 


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