Missing Massachusetts mom Ana Walshe —whose husband Brian was charged with her murder Tuesday by authorities — was planning for her future days before she went missing on Jan. 1, according to a colleague.

Property manager Ana, 39, intended to sell off some of her assets and reinvest the profits into a new property, a source told Fox News Digital Monday, more evidence that indicates she didn’t engineer her sudden disappearance.

Brian, 47, told investigators that Ana left hurriedly on New Year’s morning, saying she had a work emergency to deal with and she hadn’t seen him since. However, there is no record of her getting a flight that day.

The Tishman Speyer manager had also finalized the sale of an apartment she owned in Revere, outside of Boston, just days before the disappearance, and the funds were in escrow when she was reported missing.

A person who worked closely with Walshe on the deal reportedly said she was planning to parlay the proceeds into the “purchase of another investment property” and was not planning to keep the money for herself.

The associate told the outlet they spoke out because recent reports claiming Walshe had been acting “pushy” and had a “meltdown” in the days she was last seen were not “sitting right” with them, and insisted that selling assets to acquire others is “not unusual in any way.” 

“Not even saying this necessarily specific to Ana and Brian, people who invest in real estate, they change their properties all the time,” they went on. 

“I don’t feel that the Ana I worked with [recently] was any different from the Ana [from] when I met her … In terms of changing behavior, not from my perspective,” the source reportedly said, as they recalled her “optimistic, magnetic personality.”

Missing Massachusetts woman Ana Walshe was reportedly working on a property deal and planning for her future in the days before she went missing.
Missing Massachusetts woman Ana Walshe was reportedly working on a property deal and planning for her future in the days before she went missing.

The unsolved missing person’s case was “still shocking,” Walshe’s associate told the outlet.

“It was absolute disbelief,” they said. “I thought it was a cruel joke at first.” 

Latest on missing mother of three Ana Walshe

The source close to the missing woman came forward after former tenants of the Walshes — who said they’d been forced out of the Revere property — told The Post they saw her have a meltdown comparable to Britney Spears’ 2007 downward spiral.

“It was like a whole other Ana,” Mandi Silva said last week as she recalled the moment she and her husband confronted Walshe about her plans to sell the apartment.

Ana and Brian Walshe's home in Cohasset. A person who worked with Ana claimed she was planning on selling assets and using the money to purchase an investment property.
Ana and Brian Walshe’s home in Cohasset.

“You know Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, or the Queen? They present and carry themselves very professionally, that was Ana,” Mandi said.

“But when we put our foot down and said, ‘No, you cannot do this to us,’ and we were fighting back, it was like watching Britney Spears have a meltdown … It was not normal.”

Mike Silva had done contract work for the Walshes on six of their properties in exchange for discounted rent.

Mike said he texted Ana and Brian on New Year’s Eve about the $2,500 they owed him and only heard back from Brian two days later.

“‘I’m sorry for the delay. I lost my phone and my son just found it,’” the text read, according to Brian.

“I’m shocked he didn’t say, ‘Sorry for the delay. My wife is missing. Have you heard from her?’ or anything like that,” Silva said.

Brian had reported his wife missing on Jan. 4, after a Tishman Speyer employee had called police to conduct a welfare check on the missing woman.

Brian was initially charged with misleading a police investigation four days later after footage emerged of him spending $450 cash on cleaning supplies and “mops, tape and drop cloths” at Home Depot, according to court documents.

He was already under house arrest and was required to clear everywhere he intended to go with the police, who had not approved a trip to Home Depot. He also claimed to have been running errands at two other shops the previous day, which had no record of him visiting them or buying anything from them.

Brian Walshe was charged with his wife's murder on January 17, 2023.
Brian Walshe was charged with his wife’s murder on Jan. 17, 2023.
Greg Derr/The Patriot Ledger via AP, Pool

Police said he had made a “clear attempt to mislead and delay investigators” by making “intentional” and “willful” indirect statements about his whereabouts on New Year’s Day and the day after.

Prosecutors also announced at his arraignment cops had also found a stained knife and blood in the basement of the family home.

Investigators were also examining a hatchet, hacksaw and rug that were found at a trash transport site not far from Brian’s mother’s house, an hour from Cohasset.

He had pleaded not guilty and was held on $500,000 bail before being charged with murder Tuesday afternoon. It was unclear if police had found additional evidence or recovered Ana’s body.


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