Former 19 Kids and Counting star Amy King (née Duggar) seemingly called her cousin Josh Duggar a “narcissist and sociopath” and slammed his wife, Anna Duggar, in an explosive public message. 

“WAKE UP @AnnaDuggar [AND] ANYONE ELSE WHO IS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE LIKE THIS,” Amy, 35, wrote via Twitter on Wednesday, August 31. 

Amy Duggar Calls Josh a ‘Sociopath', Anna Public Plea
Courtesy of Amy King/Twitter

Her tweet accompanied a screenshot of a lengthy statement that addressed a toxic partner. 

“Narcissists and sociopaths have no guilt about laying in bed next to you while texting another woman or man,” the quote read in Amy’s tweet. “They can take you out on a date all while they have a significant other. They can be married and have kids, all while having multiple online dating profiles. They can follow and comment on dozens of pornographic social media accounts all while simultaneously declaring their primary partner the ‘love of their life’ in public. Their lack of empathy is stunning; their disrespect has no boundaries.”

A rep for Josh did not immediately respond to In Touch’s request for comment. 

This story is developing. More to come …

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