A viral family. Addison Rae quickly became a celebrity after becoming one of the most followed and popular users on TikTok. Her parents, Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling, have also become familiar faces who grew a large following on the social media platform, but who is her dad and what does he do for a living? Keep reading to learn more about Monty Lopez. 

What Is Monty Lopez’s Job?

The patriarch has a few career titles under his belt but is mostly known for being a businessman and his social media presence, much like his famous daughter. Monty — who has more than 5.4 million TikTok followers — doesn’t dance to the latest trends but often shows off his “day in a life” content. He signed to WME agency, which also signed Addison and Sheri. Additionally, the Louisiana native got involved with cryptocurrency, leading him to be named “Top 10 Business Professionals to Look Out for in 2022″ by Forbes

He launched and cofounded a TikTok agency (which is the only one to exist) in April 2022, which helps content creators with strategies and content production to further their success on the popular social media platform. 

Who Is Addison Rae's Father Monty Lopez? Get to Know the Businessman and TikTok Dad
Courtesy of Monty Lopez/Instagram

“Ben and Monty have built BAM Social to help brands execute TikTok content production, influencer outreach, 360° social strategies, and strategic partnerships. BAM Social will merge with award-winning VEGO Pictures to create a content super house,” the press release read. “Ganz’s vast experience in network television and digital innovation coupled with Lopez’s overarching strategy in brand creation equals BAM Social, a one-stop, turnkey, TikTok agency.”

What Is Monty Lopez’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, the online celebrity is worth an estimated $700,000, according to Bio Gossipy. However, his net worth is expected to skyrocket as he entered into new businesses recently, like his TikTok agency. 

Did Monty Lopez Cheat on His Wife, Addison Rae’s Mom Sheri Easterling?

Although the family seems to be extremely close, rumors started swirling in July 2022 alleging that Monty was having an affair with a younger woman, Renée Ash. She posted alleged private messages between the two on her Instagram Stories, including one where Monty sent her a mirror selfie with the text, “Hope this brightens your day,” while also claiming she wasted five months of her life and that she is “embarrassed” by the situation. 

Addison and her mother unfollowed Monty after the video surfaced but have not publicly addressed the alleged affair. 

Reps for Monty and Addison did not immediately respond to In Touch‘s requests for comment.


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