When you got promoted into your Leadership position, did they provide you with a safety helmet, fireproof jacket, axe and a fire hose?   Do you think they should have?

Does it seem to you, like it does to us, that you spend way too much time putting out fires?  Troubleshooting and trouble-fixing seem to occupy way too much time for anyone in a retail leadership position these days.

It’s not that you don’t know how to do your job.  You could likely argue that most of the people you’re supposed to be leading know how to do their jobs too.  Yet, consider this list of things that routinely break down in the stores:

  • Programs aren’t executed the way they’re designed
  • Standards aren’t complied with
  • Service levels aren’t consistently met
  • Staff turnover is out of control
  • Key metrics are below expectations
  • Engagement levels are much too low
  • Results aren’t being met

The ‘fix’ isn’t to becoming better at ‘managing’ in most cases.  The solution is becoming a better Leader.

That’s why I’m personally inviting you and your team to attend our  amazing 2-Day Retail Leadership Summit  in Toronto this coming September 2022.   The program has received incredible reviews from everyone that has attended.  Everyone that attends grows into a true Leader and becomes the Leader their stores need.

This really is the missing piece in the development of most District Managers, Regional Managers, Directors and even VPs.  Learning how to influence, engage, inspire and move your teams will be the greatest addition to your skillset as a Leader.

We’ll even save you $300 if you sign up today.  A great savings.  Combined with the money you’ll make from selling off all that firefighting equipment you’ll no longer need it’s an easy decision!  Don’t wait though … the discount offer expires on July 22.

If you’re tired of fighting fires, and are ready to create sustainable results, then sign up today for our Retail Leadership Summit.

You can download the program brochure here that will show you how we will turn your managers at all levels into true Leaders.

Then make the decision to become the Leader your teams need and sign up today.  Limited spots, so don’t be disappointed.


When: September 19 – 20, 2022

Where: Sheraton Toronto Airport Conference Centre

Early Bird Offer: SAVE $300! Only $1,095/seat

Regular: $1,395/seat

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who needs to Lead a team
  • VPs, Directors  
  • Regional and District Managers
  • Store Owners
  • High Potential Store Managers


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