A 7-year-old boy is being praised for his quick thinking after saving the life of a toddler who fell into a swimming pool.

Massiah Browne, of Sacramento, was swimming at his family’s apartment complex when he saw the little boy at the bottom of the pool.

Knowing it was out of the ordinary, the second-grader immediately jumped into action, diving in to save him.

“I was just playing in the pool and then I saw a boy at the bottom of the pool,” he told “Good Morning America.” “And I went to go get him.”

According to Massiah’s mother, Tiara Delvalle, he dove into the 6-foot-deep pool to rescue the 3-year-old, who he said had his mouth and eyes open.

Massiah Browne was swimming at his apartment's pool when he noticed the 3-year-old in the water.
Massiah Browne was swimming in his apartment’s pool when he noticed the 3-year-old in the water.
His parents say they're impressed with his quick thinking that saved the little boy's life.
His parents said they were impressed with his quick thinking that saved the little boy’s life.

The brave boy managed to get the toddler to the pool’s surface where a 9-year-old relative named Savannah — who had been playing at the pool with — pulled him to the deck and alerted adults, who called 911 and started CPR on the child.

“Savannah brought him to his mom and then they did CPR on the boy and then they called the doctor,” Massiah told “GMA.”

A spokesperson from the Sacramento Fire Department confirmed with ABC News that the 3-year-old was breathing by the time first responders arrived.

“The child was transported in critical condition with advanced life support efforts provided by Sacramento firefighters,” the spokesperson told the outlet.

Massiah Browne's mother, Tiara Delvalle, call her son's rescue efforts "a miracle."
Massiah Browne’s mother, Tiara Delvalle, call her son’s rescue efforts “a miracle.”

Delvalle called the rescue a “miracle,” saying she’s is in touch with the mother of the boy, who she reports is doing well.

Massiah’s father, Olympic boxer Marcus Browne, said he was shocked by what his son was capable of, even though his son swims “like a fish” and is “super empathetic.”

“It’s crazy that he’s 7 years old doing things like that,” he said.

“I’m very grateful he was so brave to do something so heroic,” Delvalle agreed.

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