When it comes to road crashes, truck accidents have a reputation for being far more complicated than an average injury claim. While a truck’s relatively bigger size can be partially blamed, other factors also make truck accidents catastrophic. These factors may also eventually influence the settlement amount or final compensation. 

If you have been in a truck accident, it is best to hire truck crash attorneys to represent your claim. Not only can lawyers help you understand your rights, but they can also assist you in determining liability in incredibly complicated cases. For a detailed overview, read ahead to learn the factors that can influence your compensation. 

Insurance companies have complex policies regarding coverage in a truck accident. Vehicle size is one of the most common determinants of compensation. Since a truck accident is more likely to cause severe injuries than an average car crash, insurance policies are designed to escape liability. For instance, your insurance company may not offer coverage if a commercial truck driver is at fault. 

In addition, there are several trucking industry regulations that commercial companies are mandated to follow. In the event of an accident with a truck driver, these strict regulations can cause challenges in the claim-filing process. 

Due to their massive size, most truck accidents involve more than just two parties. This can make determining liability extremely difficult. Not to mention, more parties imply the involvement of multiple insurance companies. Obscure insurance policies and numerous involved parties are a recipe for disaster. 

Not only does this make settling next to impossible, but lawyers are likely to struggle with the investigation and source supporting evidence. If involved parties cannot settle, the claim might have to go to trial, making the entire process far more complicated. 

Beyond the direct victims involved in a truck accident, the involvement of other liable parties can complicate a truck accident. At a basic level, plaintiffs need to establish negligence on the truck driver’s part to seek compensation for damages. However, determining liability for negligence can be tricky in commercial truck accidents. 

Trucking companies are infamous for their poor working conditions and binding contracts. If the truck driver caused the crash due to distraction or overworking, victims would have to deal with big corporations and their insurance carriers for compensation. It would also raise the question of whether the driver or the company is liable for damages. 

Product defect and government liability might also come into play if the accident was caused due to poor truck maintenance or bad road quality. 

Adequate evidence makes up the backbone of a solid personal injury claim. However, unlike other cases, evidence in truck accidents can be challenging to document. Medical records, police reports, and testimonies are insufficient to back a truck accident claim. 

To establish truck driver liability, your lawyer must investigate the accident site, analyze vehicle damage and interpret complex insurance policies. In addition, they would also have to review the truck’s event record data to identify discrepancies. 

Other evidence may include an assessment of maintenance logs, employee records, and employee regulations of the trucking company. These combined factors make calculating the total compensation a highly complex process. 

According to a report from IIHS, approximately 4,014 people died due to large truck accidents in 2020. The complexity of truck accidents eventually saturates to the widespread damage and severe injuries they can cause. 

Traumatic brain injury, damage to the spinal cord, and deaths due to internal bleeding are common consequences of truck accidents. In such a scenario, seeking compensation becomes more of an attempt to avenge a loved one’s loss than strictly seeking financial damages.     

Undoubtedly, truck accidents are traumatic incidents that can derail your life. Although seeking compensation might be difficult, it is possible. With a qualified attorney by your side, you can receive the compensation you deserve.  Check out our other news articles here


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