Recently we conducted a survey to find out how hiring a truck accident lawyer can help a situation. After receiving many responses, we reached out for a few one-on-one interviews to gather more details on the individual circumstances that others experienced.

In what was the most overwhelming response, we learned that hiring a trucking accident injury lawyer provides peace of mind to accident victims. However, that was just the beginning. 

Years of Experience = Less Stress

When hiring a lawyer for a specific area of interest, we often receive advice from those who have experience in the field for many years. While education is part of the equation, the years of hands-on experience in the courtroom prove to be just as beneficial.

One of the survey respondents, Anne, told us: “I knew I was in good hands when I saw how many years my lawyer was in practice. Additionally, knowing that most of those years focused on truck accidents helped calm me down about the process.” 

Finding a lawyer who has tried many truck accident cases will help provide peace of mind as you go through the process.

Knowledge = Higher Compensation on Truck Accident

One thing that was blatantly clear throughout the survey is that those who were able to retain a trucking accident injury lawyer received more compensation as a result. 

When interviewing another survey respondent, Mark, he gave this insight: “Initially, I was hesitant to go the route of a lawyer. I honestly thought I could navigate the process on my own. I’m glad I didn’t, though, because my lawyer got me a much higher payout than I could have managed.”

It’s critical to know that lawyers understand the nuances of the law. Therefore, they know which laws to insert into an argument. For those who haven’t gotten the proper education, this isn’t feasible, and they aren’t providing the best odds for themselves when it comes to winning their case.

Attention to Detail = Better Case

While lawyers aren’t detectives, they go to whatever lengths necessary to provide their clients with the best possible outcome. Many are surprised by how hands-on their representation will go to advocate for their best interest.

Dave, one of our survey respondents who recently settled a case, told us about his experience: “During court proceedings, I was shocked at how much work my lawyer put into my case. I didn’t even know most of what he did. The biggest surprise was that he had gone to the accident site and taken his own set of pictures to validate my story if it came into question.”

Although the law enforcement that comes to the scene often does a great job at collecting evidence, it’s possible for things to fall through the cracks. Therefore, having someone in your corner to pick up the pieces is a top asset.

Expert Witnesses = Validation

When taking a case to court, the opposing counsel will try to poke holes in the story to get their client off the hook. However, bringing third-party resources into the room can elevate and confirm the account and provide the validation needed to win.

June remembers: “I couldn’t understand why we needed witnesses that weren’t at the scene or providing my medical care. However, when my lawyer put an accident reconstructionist on the stand, their report blew me away. It obviously had the same effect on others because I won my case!”

There are many different avenues a trucking accident injury lawyer can take to secure justice for their clients. Overall, having a sound strategy with a basis in logic, experience, and knowledge is the best approach.

Final Thoughts on Truck Accident

At times, it seems more cost-effective to navigate an accident case on your own instead of hiring a truck accident lawyer. However, there are many ways in which obtaining representation is beneficial and can provide a better result than going it alone.


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