In this episode, we’ll dive into three creative and engaging reading activities that can transform your students’ next reading response in any subject area. You’ll also hear about some free, favorite tools to help elevate student learning and differentiate reading responses this school year.

This week’s episode is titled: 3 Reading Activities with a Creative Twist. And it takes a spin on an article that I published for ASCD earlier this year. I’ll link out to the article in the show notes so you can find the full blog post and check out some of the other content ASCD shares on their blog.

In today’s episode, we’ll take a look at ways students can respond to reading in the English Language Arts classroom, social studies classroom, science, you name it – anywhere that students are reading. The three on this list are customizable, so you can really make them your own!

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Creative Reading Activities

  • Set a purpose or select a prompt for your reading response activity.
  • Use collages for visual representations of student reading experiences.
  • Try a microblogging activity to simulate a social media post.
  • Incorporate audio and video into a student response.

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