The 28th Annual Southeast MiniTruckin Nationals Cruise was held April 22 – 24 2022 at the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  The show does not end when the sun sets, it is just beginning for those participating in the cruise!

The show Friday with a line waiting to find their spot at the event.  The crowd was not as large, so cruising that night was an open area and although a larger crowd always makes for a good time, it was still an amazing time.

Saturday night was a COMPLETELY different story, the line to cruise the strip was backed up for a mile!  This is where the fun began with the music playing, sparks throwing, and many of the vehicles showing off the glow!  The 28th Annual Southeast MiniTruckin Nationals Cruise is never a dull time!

28th annual southeast minitruckin nationals cruise

Attendees were lined along the side of the strip in lawn chairs ready for a light show from the vehicles!  Not only attendees were there, but even people who live in the surrounding area come out to enjoy the cruise!

With the amount of cars going through, the sparks flying, the lowriders 3 wheelin’ it and others showing off the glow and sound, it felt like it used to back in the day.

The 28th Annual Southeast MiniTruckin Nationals Cruise is just one amazing part of the Southeast Minitruckin Nationals.  BUT, it also something that the show would not be complete without.

We have attended the last several years of the show, and we will continue to make it out there for top show coverage for you!

Photos by: Chris Gosda

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