January 2023



A once-trendy Manhattan hotel has become a wild “free-for-all” of sex, drugs and violence after the city began housing migrants there, an employee claimed Tuesday.

Row NYC worker Felipe Rodriguez — who told The Post earlier this month that migrants were throwing away “tons” of prepared food at the hotel — said the facility has now descended into “total chaos.

“Chaos, total chaos,” Rodriguez told “Fox & Friends” when asked to describe conditions at the hotel. “There’s no accountability.

“There is no daily supervision to show these people that … ‘You don’t destroy your hotel. You are only there temporarily. This is not your home.

“[The employees] endure a lot of disrespect from the migrants, and there [are] some nice migrants, but there’s too much alcohol, too much drugs and too much violence, and you have teenagers … going into the staircases and making out like it’s Lover’s Lane,” Rodriguez said. “This is a free-for-all.

Living conditions inside The Row Hotel in Manhattan where NYC set up the whole hotel for migrants.
Some migrants living for free in the Row NYC hotel have turned it into a frat house, a worker claims.
Dennis A. Clark

The hotel, which was converted to house the sudden flood of migrants into the city, is just blocks away from the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen, where dozens of asylum-seekers have been camped out for several days protesting their removal for new accommodations in Brooklyn.

Rodriguez, who is a runner at Row NYC, said that the hotel workers have been the ones who end up paying the price amid the anarchy. He said he was forced to go on disability after he was injured trying to deliver a refrigerator through a “cluttered” room.

A video clip obtained by the Post Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023, shows two migrants fighting outside the Row NYC hotel near Times Square during New Year's Eve festivities last week.
A video clip obtained by The Post shows two migrants fighting outside the Row NYC hotel near Times Square during New Year’s Eve festivities.

Rodriguez told Fox that the hotel is making more money from the city than it would if it hosted guests. 

Over 43,000 migrants have arrived in New York City since the spring, with some 26,000 housed in the city’s hotels, according to Mayor Eric Adams’ office. 

At a visit to the southern border earlier this month, Adams said migrants should be warned there’s “no more room” for them in New York as the price tag of of the crisis reached an estimated $2 billion.

Rodriguez told The Post earlier this month that migrants were throwing away "tons" of food.
Rodriguez told The Post earlier this month that migrants were throwing away “tons” of food.
Dennis A. Clark

” In New York, you go there, you’re going to be living in congregate settings, that there is no more room in New York. That should be coordinated by our national government,” he told reporters.

The 50 or so protesters outside of the Watson Hotel, who are all single men, are understandably upset that they are being upended from their three-star hotel where they were no more than two to a room for hangar-like conditions at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook.

President Biden, who visited Hudson Yards, declined to visit the protesters as they huddled under blankets outside of the 57th Street hotel, joined by activists.

Felipe Rodgriguez
Felipe Rodriguez said he was injured trying to move a refrigerator into a crowded room at Row NYC, forcing him to go on disability.
Dennis A. Clark

Adams, who has publicly pleaded with the White House to provide $1 billion in emergency migrant aid, apparently never got a chance to meet with Biden to discuss the city’s migrant crisis, which the mayor has described as a “disaster.

The massive mega shelter in Brooklyn, designed to house 1,000 people, has been lined with hundreds of cots next to each other, covered by a green blanket and featuring a single white pillow, according to footage provided to The Post on Monday.

Many migrants have griped about the lack of heat and privacy in the facility and its relative remoteness from life in the city as there are no subway connections.


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The eyes of Dharmesh Patel, the man who allegedly tried to kill his family by driving a Tesla off a 250-foot cliff, appear bloodshot in his just-released mugshot.

The first glimpse of Patel since the horrific Jan. 2 crash shows the California doctor’s left eye almost completely filled with blood, which matches his ill-fitting prison garb.

The father of two also sports a scruffy beard as he stares, stone-faced, at the camera.

The 41-year-old was charged with three counts of attempted murder Monday for intentionally driving his wife and two children off a notoriously dangerous section of the Pacific Coast Highway known as the “Devil’s Slide” earlier this month. He also faces enhancements for great bodily injury and domestic violence.

Rescuers had to cut all four of the passengers — Patel, wife Neha, their 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son — from the mangled Tesla after it plummeted 250 feet onto the rocky beach.

Luckily, the entire family survived the crash in what officials are calling a “miracle.”

Neha was conscious when paramedics tore open the smart car and reportedly screamed that her husband had “intentionally tried to kill us.”

This undated photo provided by the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office shows Dharmesh Patel.
Dharmesh Patel faces three attempted murder charges for allegedly driving his family off a California cliff.

Patel, Neha and their children.
Patel, wife Neha, their 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son were in the car during the crash.
Facebook / Neha Patel

She and her daughter are still in the hospital recovering from unspecified serious injuries, though her son walked away from the crash with just bruises.

Patel — a radiologist at a Southern California hospital — had been hospitalized with “serious lower body injuries” until Friday, when he was booked into San Mateo County jail.

Investigators are still considering what led to the plummet. Officials don’t believe the Tesla was in self-drive mode and the car showed no signs of mechanical failure.

A video taken from a tunnel shows Patel “making a sharp right turn over the cliff” and an eyewitness said Patel didn’t try to brake.

This image from video provided by San Mateo County Sheriff's Office shows a helicopter rescue after a Tesla plunged off a Northern California cliff along the Pacific Coast Highway, Monday, Jan. 2.
During the rescue, Neha screamed that Patel drove over the cliff on purpose.

This image from video provided by San Mateo County Sheriff's Office shows a Tesla vehicle that plunged off a Northern California cliff along the Pacific Coast Highway.
The Tesla plunged about 250 feet off a cliff.


Rescue teams are seen at the scene as a Tesla with four occupants plunged over a cliff on Pacific Coast Highway 1 at Devils Slide on January 2.
Rescuers had to tear the car open to pull out the Patels.


“We’re looking into what led up to this. Was there depression or anything else?” San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said.

“It wasn’t just that he was trying to kill them, he was trying to kill himself too.”


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While Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are both extremely successful in Hollywood, the former A-list couple always puts their kids first. The KKW Beauty mogul and rapper welcomed four children — daughter North West, son Saint West, daughter Chicago West and son Psalm West — over the course of their six-year marriage. Keep reading to learn more about Kim and Kanye’s kids!

Are Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Still Married?

In February 2021, Kim filed for divorce from Kanye after nearly eight years as a couple. Prior to the filing, the Skims founder was “really trying to keep the peace” and “remain on amicable terms” for the “sake of the kids,” a source told Life & Style in early January 2021.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Kids
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian/Instagram

“Kanye is a good father, and Kim wants him to be a prominent figure in the kids’ lives,” the insider added. “She’s hoping this will all roll out as smoothly as possible.”

Prior to the pair’s marital woes, Kim made it clear she and Kanye were done growing their family. “I love my babies so much but four is all I can handle with how busy I am, and each one of my babies needs so much attention,” the E! personality explained during an August 2019 Q&A on Instagram.

“Kim and Kanye feel like their family is complete,” a separate source previously told Life & Style“Kim carried her two eldest children but went the surrogacy route when it came to Chicago and Psalm. She used her last embryo with Psalm.”

More than one year after their split, Kim admitted that coparenting with Kanye was “really f–king hard” as the rapper has publicly slammed her.

“In my home, my kids don’t know anything that’s going on in the outside world,” Kim said during a December 2022 interview on the “Angie Martinez IRL Podcast.” “I’m holding on by a thread, I know I’m like so close to that not happening but while it’s still that way, I will protect that to the ends of the earth as long as I can.”

What Is Kim Kardashian’s Parenting Style?

After becoming a single mom, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star relies on a strict routine to keep her kiddos in line. “Everything is like super planned out,” Kim told sister Kylie Jenner in a January 2020 YouTube video. “I’m like really, really organized. I think that’s the key to being successful honestly, is being organized. It’s hard. It’s a lot of work. But you can totally do it.”

Even so, things can still get a bit out of control. During a February 2020 appearance on Good Morning America, Kim revealed her daughter Chicago fell out of her high chair and had to get stitches. Thankfully, the adorable toddler ended up being OK.

“Stuff happens and you just gotta roll with it,” the proud parent mused.

Kim supports her kiddos to dive into their talents and creativity. North, for instance, loves to practice costume makeup and has even done her mom’s glam.

During Kim’s appearance on the “Angie Martinez IRL Podcast,” she revealed that North has a skill that has been sent down from her A-list musically inclined father.

“The other day, we’re just in the car and she puts on these beats, with no words or lyrics and she just sits in the car,” the beauty mogul explained, noting that North even likes to freestyle. “She could, for hours, just rap over the beats. So, I press record on my phone so that one day she’ll hear it and it’ll be so cute.”

When it comes to envisioning her children’s future careers, Kim just wants them “to be happy in what they do.”

Scroll through the gallery below to learn more about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s kids. 


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President Biden gave Manhattan donors an update on his thoughts about nuclear war Tuesday, saying that he currently views global warming as a greater threat — less than four months after he casually told a different set of New York City donors that the world was close to nuclear “Armageddon.”

“[Global warming] is the single most existential threat to humanity we have ever faced, including nuclear weapons,” Biden told a small group of supporters on the Upper East Side after headlining a rail infrastructure event nearby.

It’s unclear if the 80-year-old commander-in-chief elaborated on his reasoning. Reporters were only allowed to see part of Biden’s remarks, and video of the private event was not immediately available.

There are enough nuclear weapons to directly kill most of the world’s population. Experts say a large-scale nuclear war would blanket the globe in dangerous radiation and cause a nuclear winter with decreased sunlight and lower temperatures that would finish off most survivors.

President Biden gives remarks at the Hudson River Tunnel project site Tuesday.
President Biden attended a New York City fundraiser Tuesday after promoting rail-infrastructure spending.

Biden's helicopter arrives in Lower Manhattan
Biden told a different New York fundraiser in October that the world was nearing nuclear “Armageddon.”
William Farrington for NY Post

Some scientists say global warming is linked to more severe weather events such as hurricanes, but there are no near-term projections that the world will become totally uninhabitable.

The United Nations-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says sea levels could rise 50 centimeters by 2100 as a result of global warming, submerging some coastal areas including small island chains, while forcing expensive mitigation elsewhere.

Biden previously opined on nuclear threats at an Oct. 6 New York City fundraiser, shocking listeners by saying that nuclear “Armageddon” may be nigh due to NATO’s intervention against Russian forces in Ukraine.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and China President Xi Jinping
North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un, left, reportedly broke off communications with the Biden administration.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi
Biden previously warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin could unleash a nuclear war.

“First time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, we have the threat of a nuclear weapon if in fact things continue down the path they are going,” Biden said as he raised money for Senate Democrats.

“We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis,” Biden said at the time. “We’ve got a guy I know fairly well, [Russian President Vladimir Putin]. He’s not joking when he talks about potential use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons because his military is, you might say, significantly underperforming.”

Russia and the US own about 90% of the world’s roughly 12,700 nuclear warheads, according to the Federation of American Scientists.

China, France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan and the United Kingdom have smaller arsenals and Iran is suspected of working toward developing its own weapons.

The damaged lifeguard tower on the pier at Seacliff State Beach in Aptos, California, US, on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2023.
The damaged lifeguard tower on the pier at Seacliff State Beach in Aptos, California, US, on Jan. 14, 2023.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Maldives Islands
Low-lying countries such as the Maldives could lose some of their land to rising sea levels by 2100, a UN agency says.
Getty Images/EyeEm

Despite warning of dire threats from global warming, Biden regularly takes fuel-guzzling helicopters to spend the weekend at his Delaware homes, where he’s passed nearly a quarter of his presidency. Some of his predecessors, such as former President Barack Obama, would stay at the White House on weekends, sparing the expense — and emissions — of multiple motorcades and flights.


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A memorable performance. While many Super Bowls have showcased entertaining and jaw-dropping halftime concerts, few have spurred as much discussion as Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s joint effort at the Super Bowl XXXVIII.

During the February 2004 number, the two music stars performed chart-topping hits for the enthusiastic crowd until the now-infamous wardrobe malfunction occurred. At the time, the former ‘NSync crooner ripped off a piece of the “Rhythm Nation” songstress’ costume, revealing her mostly uncovered breast. Since the athletic event is seen by millions each year, broadcasters were notably upset, leading to a lengthy investigation and censorship changes.

Shortly after the wardrobe malfunction occurred, both musicians were shocked during the broadcast before the televised gig cut to commercial. However, days later, fans and critics alike speculated what really happened and who was actually to blame.

“The tearing of Janet Jackson’s costume was unrehearsed, unplanned, completely unintentional and was inconsistent with assurances we had about the content of the performance,” MTV wrote in a February 2004 statement. “MTV regrets this incident occurred and we apologize to anyone who was offended by it.”

Jackson, for her part, opened up in her own statement one day later.

“The decision to have a costume reveal at the end of my halftime show performance was made after final rehearsals,” the Indiana native said at the time. “MTV was completely unaware of it. It was not my intention that it go as far as it did. I apologize to anyone offended — including the audience, MTV, CBS and the NFL.”

Years later, following the success of their The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears documentary discussing Britney Spears’ conservatorship battle, its filmmakers dove into the Super Bowl scandal next with Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson.

“In 2004, a culture war was brewing when the Super Bowl halftime show audience saw a white man expose a Black woman’s breast for 9/16ths of a second. A national furor ensued,”  a press release for the documentary read. “‘If the culture wars could have a 9/11, it’s February 1st, 2004,’ said one observer. The woman was Janet Jackson, and her career was never the same. The man was Justin Timberlake; his stardom only grew.”

The program aimed to chronicle the 2004 incident, noting how the Poetic Justice star’s career never fully recovered whereas the Tennessee native’s continued to flourish, as well as touching on the racial and cultural implications of the event. The filmmakers weaved together rare footage from the time and interviews with executives from both the NFL and MTV to break down the now-infamous event.

Meanwhile, Jackson later shared more insight into the incident in Janet, a two-night documentary event, which premiered on Lifetime and A&E on January 28, 2022.

Keep scrolling for everything we know about the scandal.


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One of the officers charged with second-degree murder in connection to the brutal caught-on-camera fatal beating of Tyre Nichols once pulled a gun on two suspects and threatened to shoot them in the face, the men said.

Glenn Harris, 24, and Demarius Hervey, 27, told NBC News that former Memphis Police Officer Emmitt Martin III approached them at a gas station in August 2020.

The men — who say they are brothers — told the outlet they had been smoking marijuana and were in possession of an unregistered gun at the time and had tried to flee.

Harris and Hervey reportedly said they had tried to flee in Harris’ car, but crashed it after eluding cops for about two miles.

When Martin caught up with them, he pinned Harris on the ground, pointed his gun at his head, and said “I’ll blow your face off,” the man reportedly claimed.

“I got scared,” Harris told the network. “When I got out of the car and tried to run, that’s when Officer Emmitt grabbed me. He slammed me on the ground and pulled his gun out.”

Hervey said he was also threatened at gunpoint, and the men’s mother Stacy Harris corroborated the account.

“He told me [Martin] threw him to the ground and put the gun to him and told him he would ‘blow his f–king head off,’” she reportedly said.

Harris did not file a complaint because his main concern was getting out of jail, but his lawyer Arthur Horne said the suspect did share the same story with him.

A picture of Martin
A drug suspect who had fled police in 2020 said former Memphis Police Officer Emmitt Martin III had once threatened to kill him at gunpoint.

“He said an officer pulled a gun out and held it to his head and called him the N-word,” Horne reportedly said. “I told him he could go to internal affairs, but they probably wouldn’t do anything.”

Harris was accused of possession of a handgun while under the influence, reckless driving, driving with a suspended/revoked/canceled license, leaving the scene of an accident and evading arrest, and no charges were filed against Hervey, according to the report.

“He was in the wrong, he wasn’t supposed to pull a gun on me,” Harris reportedly said.

Harris told NBC he realized Martin was the cop who had threatened to kill him after officials released security and bodycam video of the Jan. 7 beating fatal beating of Nichols, 29.

his mugshot
Martin and four other former officers were charged with second-degree murder in the Jan. 7 beating death of Tyre Nichols.
Shelby County Sheriff’s Office via REUTERS

Tyre Nichols in the hospital following the brutal beating.
Tyre Nichols in the hospital following the brutal beating.
Family of Tyre Nichols

Nichols died three days after the prolonged attack, which involved a baton, fists, kicks, pepper spray and electroshocks. He had been pulled over for reckless driving and appeared to try to comply with police orders before taking off on foot after being tased and pepper-sprayed.

When cops caught up with Nichols about a half mile away, they mercilessly beat the unarmed man for about three minutes. Three responding emergency service workers were fired for refusing to render aid to him for more than 15 minutes after the beating.

Read more of The Post’s coverage of Tyre Nichols’ beating death

Martin and four other cops involved were fired 10 days later and brought up on murder charges on Jan. 26 in connection with the deadly beatdown. Another officer and two sheriff’s deputies were also relieved of duty.

Soquoia Green, a cousin of Tyre Nichols, lights candles with family and friends during a vigil for him late Monday, Jan. 30.
Soquoia Green, a cousin of Tyre Nichols, lights candles with family and friends during a vigil for him on Jan. 30.

Footage of the incident appeared to contradict police claims that Nichols was threatening them or reaching for their guns, and the video sparked nationwide protests reminiscent of the nationwide police brutality and systematic racism reckoning of 2020.

Nichols and all the officers involved are black men, but Ben Crumpp, the lawyer for Nichols’ family, has compared his death to Rodney King, Michael Brown and George Floyd — black suspects that were killed by white officers.

All of the accused former officers were part of the anti-crime street unit SCORPION, which was shut down by cops in the wake of Nichols’ death.

One of the ex-cops, Demetrius Haley, allegedly once beat up an inmate when he served as a corrections officer. Former prisoner Cordarlrius Sledge told The Post last week that Haley and another CO had punched him in the face and slammed him face-first into a sink at the Shelby County Division of Corrections in 2015 while searching for a cellphone.


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With so many talented musicians and artists, you may be wondering who has the most Grammy awards in history? The record is held by the late conductor Georg Solti with 31 awards, but the top 13 — which includes Beyoncé, Quincy Jones and U2 — aren’t trailing too far behind!

Georg’s last Grammy win was in 1997. He not only holds the record for most awards “won in any genre,” but “he has the most wins in the Classical Field,” according to the award show’s official website.  His first win came in 1962 and his categories included opera, choral and classical. That’s an amazing legacy, but there are other amazing performers who have their eye on dethroning Georg as the reigning Grammys champ.

Quincy Jones Second Most Grammy Wins
Michael Buckner/Variety/Shutterstock

Quincy, for example, has a whopping 28 Grammys under his belt. His wins span “more than 10 Fields, from Children’s to Jazz, Pop, Rap, R&B and more.” His most recent win was for his documentary Quincy, which took home Best Music Film at the 61st Grammy Awards in 2019.

In 2021, Beyonce matched his record by taking home her 28th award for Best R&B Performance for “The Black Parade.” This made her the most decorated woman in history, as well as the artist with the most wins.

As of 2023, she’s been nominated a whopping 88 times (yes, you read that right) and is currently tied with her husband, Jay-Z, as the most nominated artists of all time. She was nominated for nine awards at the 63rd Grammy Awards in 2021 and also took home trophies for Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance and Best Music Video. Meanwhile, she earned nine nominations at the 2023 awards show.

Country and bluegrass artist Alison Krauss was the previous female leader with 27 Grammys. She shares 14 of her awards with her band, Union Station. Composer Chick Corea — who has the most jazz Grammy wins ever — has 27 trophies, while conductor Pierre Boulez has 26 and was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015. The late pianist Vladimir Horowitz comes next with 25.

Tied with 25 wins is Stevie Wonder. The “Isn’t She Lovely” singer is “the only artist in Grammy history to win five or more awards on three separate nights.” John Williams, the genius behind the soundtracks of famous films like Jaws and Star Wars, also has 25 wins under his belt.

Beyonce Grammy Wins
Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock

U2 currently has 22 awards, with the Bono-led band winning the most wins for a “rock act.” Jay-Z follows closely behind with 21 awards, Jay-Z has the same amount, and got most of them through the rap and R&B categories, but did win Best Music Video for his “Suit and Tie” collab with Justin Timberlake.

Other notable names on the winner’s list include rapper Kanye West and country crooner Vince Gill, who have both won 21 awards. Bruce Springsteen deserves an honorable mention with 20 Grammys and Aretha Franklin and Paul McCartney follow with 18.

It’s amazing to see the incredible record-holding talent that has won through the years. Time will tell what other artists climb the list!


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The tragic story of Lindsay Clancy, the Massachusetts mother charged with killing her three young children last week, has cast a spotlight on postpartum psychosis – a little-discussed condition that experts say is often compounded by shame and guilt.

“Women who have a baby are expected in our society to love that baby immediately,” Dr. Phillip Resnick, a professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University, explained to NBC Boston this week.

“If someone has postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis, they may not feel the natural maternal feelings, then they feel guilty and are reluctant to even tell their husband or their obstetrician or pediatrician about their feelings.”

Clancy, 32, of Duxbury, was hospitalized in police custody on Jan. 25 after she allegedly strangled her daughter Cora, 5, and son Dawson, 3, and left her infant severely injured before attempting to take her own life.

Lindsay Clancy, 32, is charged with strangling her children.
Lindsay Clancy, 32, is charged with strangling her children.
Facebook / Lindsay Marie Clancy

She is now facing additional charges after baby Callan, 8 months, was pronounced dead at Boston Children’s Hospital two days later.

Prior to the tragedy, Clancy – who was on leave from her job as a labor and delivery nurse from Massachusetts General Hospital – had shared on social media about her struggles with anxiety in new motherhood.

NBC Boston previously reported that Clancy suffered from postpartum depression, though family members did not respond to questions as to whether she also dealt with psychosis.

Flowers and stuffed animals in a pile in the front yard of a small house in Massachusetts.
Flowers and stuffed animals as a makeshift memorial outside the Clancy family’s Duxbury home.
Boston Globe via Getty Images

What is postpartum psychosis?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, postpartum psychosis (PPP) is a rare, treatable but “severe” mental health condition that can affect individuals after they give birth.

Symptoms can include hallucinations and delusions, as well as mood changes, depersonalization and agitation.

“They’ll have hallucinations where the baby’s face isn’t their baby anymore,” Kylie Chaffin, a licensed mental health counselor with Perinatal Mental Health, told KXLY of the hallucinations experienced by some PPP patients. 

Lindsay Clancy photographed in profile planting a kiss on her small infant's head.
Clancy was reportedly dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety.
Facebook / Lindsay Marie Clancy

“[Someone with PPP will] be, like, this isn’t my baby. Someone has taken my baby or the baby’s face turns into the face of their mother or someone else they know.”

While those with a history of mental health conditions like bipolar and major depressive disorder are at an increased risk for PPP, the Cleveland Clinic also outlines other risk factors like sleep deprivation or hormonal changes.

Unlike postpartum depression, which Postpartum Support International reports affects about 15% of women, PPP is more rare, and generally impacts about .1-.2% of births.

Lindsay and Patrick Clancy photographed alongside their toddler daughter.
Lindsay Clancy and her husband, Patrick, pictured in happier times with their daughter Cora.
Facebook / Lindsay Marie Clancy

Do parents with postpartum psychosis hurt their children?

In the wake of the Clancy family tragedy, experts are stressing that very few sufferers of PPP physically harm themselves or their babies – and that those who do often believe they are doing the right thing.

Postpartum Support International states that 4% of PPP sufferers commit infanticide, and 5% die by suicide.

“In nearly all the cases that are true postpartum psychosis, there really is not malicious intent [against the children],” postpartum psychosis expert and Postpartum Support International board member Michele Davidson told NBC Boston.

A black-and-white portrait of Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
Author Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote about her experience with postpartum depression in “The Yellow Wallpaper.”
Heritage Images via Getty Images

“It’s basically these women trying to save their babies or take their babies with them to heaven.”

Postpartum psychosis in popular culture

While PPP and other postpartum mental health struggles are often discussed with some trepidation, they have also been the impetus for major moments in popular culture.

In 1892, for example, Charlotte Perkins Gilman published the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” which describes a lonely young wife’s experience with severe postpartum depression and hallucinations.

Andrea Yates, right, pictured in court in 2006 – five years after she drowned her children.
Andrea Yates, right, pictured in court in 2006 – five years after she drowned her children.
Getty Images

Now an American literary classic, “The Yellow Wallpaper” is believed to be somewhat based on Perkins Gilman’s own experience with depression following the birth of her daughter less than 10 years before. 

More recently, award-winning actress Claire Danes played a driven new mother in the grips of postpartum depression in “Fleishman is in Trouble,” the much-lauded Hulu adaptation of Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s novel of the same name.

The PPP tragedy that most Americans remember, however, is real-life horror of Andrea Yates, the Texas woman who drowned her five children in June 2001 during a severe bout of postpartum psychosis, depression and schizophrenia.

Lindsay Clancy pictured waist-deep in a pool, looking behind her and smiling with a baby in her arms.
Lindsay Clancy had previously written on social media about postpartum anxiety.
Facebook / Lindsay Marie Clancy

“The first time I saw [Yates], three weeks after the homicides, she felt justified and that she had done what was best for her children,” Resnick recounted to NBC Boston.

After consistent treatment with antidepressants and antipsychotics, he continued, Yates realized that “she had earlier psychotic beliefs, and of course had terrible regret and severe depression over losing her children.” 

Initially sentenced to life in prison, Yates’ conviction was overturned and she was deemed not guilty by reason of insanity in 2006. 

Lindsay and Patrick Clancy pictured surrounded in a circle of bright holiday lights, each holding one of their children.
Clancy’s husband Patrick has urged the public to forgive his wife.
Facebook / Lindsay Marie Clancy

Nearly 22 years after her childrens’ deaths, Yates resides at a mental hospital. Her attorney, George Parnham, says she waives her right to possible release every year.

“Twenty-years plus [after the murders], and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Andrea,” he told Fox News Digital this week.

How to get help

Though PPP comes with a host of troubling symptoms, experts across the board say the condition is extremely treatable.

Cora, 5, Dawson, 3, and Callan, 8 months, were killed last week.
Cora, 5, Dawson, 3, and Callan, 8 months, were killed last week.
Facebook / Lindsay Marie Clancy

“The biggest thing is talking about it with someone else,” Chaffin said.

“There are resources to get help.”

Among those resources is Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance, a nonprofit that helped launch the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline providing free, confidential support to pregnant or postpartum mothers.

Lindsay and Patrick Clancy holding Dawson and Cora.
A GoFundMe started by the couple’s friend has already raised almost $1 million.
Facebook / Lindsay Marie Clancy

Postpartum Support International also offers help online, via phone and in-person. 

For Resnick, the most important factor in encouraging PPP sufferers to seek treatment is reducing the stigma around it and other mental health conditions.

“[PPP] doesn’t show a decreased maternal capacity or shameful behavior,” he said.

Lindsay Clancy holding a Starbucks cup in one hands while hugging her daughter Cora with one arm.
“The real Lindsay was generously loving and caring towards everyone,” Patrick Clancy wrote on Sunday.
Facebook / Lindsay Marie Clancy

At the time of her alleged crimes, Lindsay Clancy was reportedly in an intensive program for postpartum depression.

On Sunday, her husband, Patrick Clancy, posted on the family’s GoFundMe page urging the public to forgive his wife.

“I want to ask all of you that you find it deep within yourselves to forgive Lindsay, as I have,” the heartbroken father wrote.

“The real Lindsay was generously loving and caring towards everyone — me, our kids, family, friends, and her patients. The very fibers of her soul are loving. All I wish for her now is that she can somehow find peace.”

In the days since the tragedy, the fundraiser set up by the couple’s friend raked in over $950,000 in donations.

As of Tuesday, Clancy had not appeared before a judge or entered any pleas to the charges against her. It is understood that she is still receiving medical care.


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Don’t mess with the Duggars! The Counting On stars aren’t afraid to respond to trolls online, which is why we rounded up the family’s best mic-drop-worthy clapbacks over the years. Remember in January 2020 when Jana Duggar addressed those “paid commercials?” Sharing a gel nail tutorial, Jana captioned her Instagram post, “Just posted a new… Read More >>


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​Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Memphis, Tenn., for the funeral of Tyre Nichols on Wednesday, the White House announced Tuesday.

The vice president was personally asked to attend by Nichols’ family after she spoke to the 29-year-old’s mother, RowVaughn Wells, and stepfather, Rodney Wells, by phone earlier Tuesday, the Grio reported.

Ben Crump, the lawyer representing the Nichols family, told the publication that Harris consoled the mother.

“We’re pleased that she accepted their invitation,” he said. “Mr. and Mrs. Wells are grateful for the vice president reaching out to them during this heartbreaking time and her sensitivity on the call.”​

Accompanying Harris to Memphis will be Keisha Lance Bottoms, the former Atlanta mayor and current White House director of public engagement, and senior adviser Mitch Landrieu, the report said. ​

Vice President Kamala Harris will attend the funeral for Tyre Nichols in Memphis on Wednesday, the White House said.
Vice President Kamala Harris will attend the funeral for Tyre Nichols in Memphis on Wednesday, the White House said.

Tyre Nichols
Tyre Nichols was fatally beaten by Memphis police officers, which caused protests all across the country.


Protesters gather at Martyrs Park as they rally against the fatal police assault of Tyre Nichols.
Protesters gather at Martyrs Park as they rally against the fatal police assault of Tyre Nichols


Nichols died three days after he was beaten by Memphis police officers following a routine traffic stop on Jan. 7.

Video of the deadly encounter, which shows a brutal attack by five black officers on Nichols, who was also black, was released Friday night by the Memphis Police Department.

The officers — Tadarrius Bean, 24, Demetrius Haley, 30, Emmitt Martin III, 30, Desmond Mills Jr., 32, and Justin Smith, 28 — were fired on Jan. 20 after an internal investigation found they had used excessive force and failed in their duties to intervene and render aid.

They were hit with second-degree murder charges days later.

Two other police officers have since been suspended as the investigation into Nichols’ death continues. 


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