In this episode, Scott Gill, CEO of Trafera, joins to chat about 2023 EdTech trends and insights, including how to support positive outcomes for students through technology. You’ll also hear issues educators should consider like what’s next in terms of technology adoption in districts, the implications of artificial intelligence in education, and more!

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EdTech Trends for 2023

  • Being intentional with technology integration is essential.
  • We’re watching the growth and impact of artificial intelligence.
  • A productive pause can help us figure out what to do next with the tech in our schools.

Sponsored by Trafera

This episode is sponsored by Trafera, who believes that the right technology plus the right support equals a brighter future for teachers, students, and technology staff.  If you’re planning any technology initiatives in the upcoming year, partner with Trafera. They know that despite all the technology in the classroom these days, schools’ greatest resource will ALWAYS be teachers. That’s why they couple the hardware they provide (like Chromebooks, laptops, interactive flat panels, and more) with professional training, ready-made lesson plans, and teaching resources. And they do this all with the goal of empowering teachers to make great use of tech tools to transform the learning experience. Get started on your next big ed-tech success story for your school! Head to Trafera.com to start the conversation.

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