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Stevie Nicks is grieving the loss of her Fleetwood Mac bandmate Christine McVie, who died on Wednesday, November 30, following a brief illness.

“A few hours ago, I was told that my best friend in the whole world since the first day of 1975 had passed away,” Stevie, 74, began in a handwritten note posted to Instagram.

“I didn’t even know she was ill … until late Saturday night. I wanted to be in London; I wanted to get to London — but we were told to wait,” she continued.

“So, since Saturday, one song has been swirling around in my head, over and over and over. I thought I might possibly get to sing it to her, and so, I’m singing it to her now. I always knew I would need these words one day,” the “Landslide” songstress continued, adding that it was the tune “Hallelujah” from the sister-group, Haim.

After writing out some of the more meaningful lyrics, the “Rhiannon” singer added, “See you on the other side, my love. Don’t forget me — Always, Stevie.”

The 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975 with her then-partner, Lindsey Buckingham, helping take the band to a huge level of success. Along with Christine, their addition gave the group three talented lead vocalists and songwriters, each with their own different styles. Christine, who was also the band’s keyboardist, is best remembered for her classics, “Say You Love Me,” “You Make Loving Fun” and the iconic anthem “Don’t Stop.”

Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 album Rumors would become one of the best selling albums of all-time, moving 40 million copies worldwide, 20 million within the U.S. The LP reigned for an impressive 31 weeks at the top of the Billboard Top 200 album chart and went on to win the Grammy for Album of the Year. The group continued to produce albums and tour in the three decades that followed and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

Christine’s family broke the news of her sudden death. “She passed away peacefully at hospital this morning following a short illness. She was in the company of her family,” they revealed in a statement, adding, “We would like everyone to keep Christine in their hearts and remember the life of an incredible human being, and revered musician who was loved universally.”


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Russian shelling hit a hospital in the city of Bilopillia, killing one teenager, Ukrainian authorities said Wednesday.

The city, five miles from the Russian border, is located in the Sumy province, between Ukraine’s two largest cities, Kyiv and Kharkiv.

“In the last day alone, Russian terrorists have carried out 158 artillery and 28 mortar attacks on Sumy [province],” Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential administration, said on the messaging app Telegram.

“As a result of these shellings, private houses, power lines, granaries, agricultural machinery, private cars and administrative buildings were damaged,” Tymoshenko added.

Russian forces pulled back from the Sumy region in March during their retreat from much of northern Ukraine, but the region hasn’t been spared from Russia’s ongoing bombardment campaign against civilian infrastructure.

a woman making coffee in the dark by flashlight
A woman makes coffee in her partly destroyed house on the outskirts of Ukraine. Poweroutages persisted across the country Wednesday.
Getty Images
An armored vehicle as seen through a car windshield
A Ukrainian armored personnel carrier near Bakhmut, where intense fighting has continued.
AFP via Getty Images

That campaign has wrought severe damage on Ukraine’s electrical grid, leaving much of the country without reliable electrical power as winter weather approaches.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the uncertainty in his nightly address Wednesday.

“As of this evening, about 6 million subscribers in most regions of our country and in Kyiv are disconnected from electricity,” he said.

“The situation remains very difficult in the capital, as well as in the Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Lviv, Odesa, Khmelnytskyi and Cherkasy regions.”

Ukrainian civilians walking on a snowy street
Ukrainian civilians face power outages and the threat of airstrikes as temperatures drop for winter.
Getty Images

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken blasted the Russian assaults on Wednesday, saying the Kremlin intends to “freeze and starve” Ukrainians.

“Heat. Water. Electricity. For children, for the elderly, for the sick. These are President (Vladimir) Putin’s new targets. He’s hitting them hard,” he said, following a meeting with NATO allies in Bucharest, Romania.

Dmytro Kuleba, Kyiv’s foreign minister, was in Bucharest as well.

“The best way to help the Ukrainian energy system is to provide both spare parts to restore [the] energy system and air defense systems and ammunition to defend Ukraine’s energy system from further missile terror conducted by Russia,” Kuleba said.

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In 2006, fans were introduced to Amy Roloff and her family on TLC’s Little People, Big World. Nowadays, the mother of four is a household name — and her staggering net worth proves it! To learn more about how she makes her money, keep reading. 

Amy Has Appeared on ‘Little People, Big World’ For 24 Seasons

After more than a decade on air, the dynamic on Little People, Big World has certainly changed; Amy and Matt Roloff have divorced, the matriarch of the family has since remarried and their children have grown up to start their own families. 

Of course, Amy continues to be an integral part of the beloved reality series. While it’s unclear exactly how much money the Michigan native makes per episode, it’s definitely a comfortable sum.

“For those docu-ensembles, especially if they’re nobodies, per episode it ranges from low-end, like $1,500 an episode, to $3,000 at the high end,” Business Insider reported. “And then after three years of success, it can go up to $7,000 to $10,000 an episode. After that, you start moving into the Kardashian level.”

Amy Roloff Is a Published Author

In 2012, Amy released a cookbook titled Short and Simple Family Recipes. In 2019, her autobiography, A Little Me, hit stores. The official description reads: “TLC star Amy shares what it was like growing up with dwarfism, how she struggled to overcome obstacles both physical and emotional while learning, as we all must, to accept herself for who she is.”

Amy Roloff Has Her Own E-Commerce Website

On Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen, fans can purchase a number of products like coffee mugs, T-shirts, hoodies, necklaces, hats and more. Additionally, Amy features recipes and blog posts on her site.

Amy Roloff Is a Motivational Speaker

“Amy is an engaging, unique and devoted inspirational speaker,” her website reads. “Amy has thrived giving motivational talks across the U.S. for over 13 years. She got her start giving speeches after her alma-mater Central Michigan asked her to speak.”

Amy discusses topics like diversity and inclusion, faith and courage, parenting and business. She also offers her services over Zoom.

Amy Roloff Was a Previous Co-Owner of Roloff Farms

Amy sold the majority of her stake in Roloff Farms to ex-husband Matt in 2019. In December 2019, Amy shared on her Instagram Stories that she was officially moving from the farm, three years after her divorce. Her new home, which she shares with her husband Chris Marek, is a 15-minute drive from the farm. 

According to The Sun, in 2020, Matt purchased the remaining acres from his ex for $975,000.

In May 2022, Matt announced that he was putting a portion of Roloff Farms up for sale for $4 million. “Well the cats out of the bag. I want to make sure You all hear the big news directly from me,” he wrote via Instagram on May 12. “All of @rolofffarms has brought me and our family great joy for the past 30+ years! Today 16 acres of the farms 109 acres go up for sale including our original family home and bright red barn. It’s a tiny bit scary but mostly exciting. ….its time to move toward the next season of life.”

News broke in October that the family’s longtime house on Roloff Farms would instead be converted to a rental property. Only one day prior, In Touch confirmed that Matt removed the $4 million sale listing from major realty websites.

“A few weeks ago, I promised everyone a big news announcement … so here goes … When I put the small side of the farm up for sale, I knew large deals like that take a much longer time (i.e. 6-12 months) to complete with no guarantees,” the dad of four shared via Instagram on October 22. “What I didn’t expect was how many new business partners and networking connections I would make in the process.” 


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In a security breach with potentially deadly consequences, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) posted the personal information of more than 6,252 immigrants who came to the U.S. to flee persecution from countries including Iran, Russia and China, according to a Wednesday report.

The information included birthdays, nationalities, case numbers and detention locations — all posted publicly on the ICE website Monday.

If the information falls into the wrong hands, those whose details were posted could be in danger of retaliation from the governments they had fled from, the Los Angeles Times warned.

All of the people listed are currently in ICE custody, but their information is meant to be confidential while their cases are being decided.

Typically when asylum seekers are detained by ICE it is for a period of a few days while their claim is evaluated. If the person is deemed to have a valid reason for asylum they will be allowed to stay in the US while it is processed; if not they are sent back to their home country.

An ICE official told the LA Times the agency is concerned about the data posted, which was done by mistake during a website update. The agency is asking those who downloaded the information to delete it.

A NeoScan 45 fingerprint scanner, paired with an app known as EDDIE, is used by ICE to run remote ID checks.
A NeoScan 45 fingerprint scanner, paired with an app known as EDDIE, is used by ICE to run remote ID checks.

Federal regulation disallows the release of such personal information without approval from high-up Department of Homeland Security officials, the paper said.

“Though unintentional, this release of information is a breach of policy and the agency is investigating the incident and taking all corrective actions necessary,” an ICE spokesperson told the paper.

The breach was discovered by an immigrant advocacy group, which then alerted ICE about their mistake. The info was up for about five hours, the LA Times said. 

“We are deeply concerned about our client’s safety after ICE publicly shared this very sensitive information about her and thousands of others like her,” managing attorney of the National Immigrant Justice Center Diana Rashid said after discovering one of her clients was on the list. 

A U.S. Border Patrol agent searches for immigrants by the U.S.-Mexico border fence on November 03, 2022 near Douglas, Arizona.
A U.S. Border Patrol agent searches for immigrants by the U.S.-Mexico border fence on November 03, 2022 near Douglas, Arizona.
Getty Images

“She is seeking protection from removal because she fears persecution if returned to her country of origin. Revealing this information makes her more vulnerable to the persecution and abuses she fears if deported.”

ICE said it will notify affected immigrants of the data breach and will not deport anyone while it evaluates if the leaked data affects their cases.


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90 Day Fiancé stars are known for taking a chance on love — but it doesn’t stop there. Over the years, TLC viewers have met cast members from all over the world and some have risked it all in the form of a total hair transformation.

Someone who isn’t afraid of changing her look is season 1 alum Paola Mayfield. Introduced as a brunette in the inaugural season of the network’s flagship franchise with now-husband Russ Mayfield, the Colombian native has switched up her signature long locks from a glamorous blonde to bold shades of pink and red. 

Following her appearance on the series, the mom of one took to another daring hobby, wrestling. “Many of you don’t understand why I chose to be a wrestler, which is ok, but I want you to know that I love what I do!” she told her Instagram followers in March 2022. “I’ve tried many things in my life, and for the first time, I feel I fit in! We are all trying to find happiness and make sure we accomplish our little goals!”

Another famous 90 Day Fiancé face who isn’t afraid to shake things up is Charlottesville, Virginia, native, Kara Bass. First introduced alongside long-distance love Guillermo Rojer in season 9, Kara started her reality TV journey rocking a sassy short bob. 

However, the TLC newbie is known to change her look and isn’t shy about her love of playful extensions or an extra blonde money piece. After making history alongside fellow castmates Thaís Ramone and Patrick Mendes when both couples announced they were expecting their first children during the August 2022 tell-all — Kara changed up her look in preparation for mom life. 

“Bringing the blonde back to match my natural,” she shared via Instagram in September 2022. “I wanted to not have to worry about hair maintenance with the coming of little baby.”

Changing up her look with less commitment, season 9 costar Thaís traded her long black strands for an ash blonde wig. 

“I’m blonde!!! What you guy think?” the Brazilian native wrote alongside a photo of her rocking bright light-colored hair. While fans in the comment section were split on their opinion, she jokingly added,“ Don’t be [a] hater, I look like Kardashian.”

Keep scrolling to see photos of the best 90 Day Fiancé hair transformations. 


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A group of House Republicans is probing the Navy after uncovering evidence that the US Naval Academy (USNA) is keeping midshipmen from graduating if they sought religious accommodations to the Pentagon’s COVID vaccine mandate.

In a letter to Naval Vice Adm. Sean Buck Tuesday, lawmakers led by Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., said denying diplomas to otherwise qualified midshipmen is a waste of the country’s four-year investment in those people and will hurt military readiness at a time when all service branches are having trouble with recruitment and retention.

“Commandant of Midshipmen and their Judge Advocate General Officer (JAG) are denying Midshipmen from graduating due to their refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccination on religious grounds and are held as a delayed graduate until the injunction preventing the separation of Naval personnel is lifted,” the lawmakers charged.

A preliminary injunction issued by a district court in early 2022 delayed the ability of the Navy to separate unvaccinated service members seeking religious accommodations. The case, which is now a class-action lawsuit, is still in the courts.

The lawmakers said a constituent who is a current USNA student reported to them that they were denied a diploma after their religious accommodation request was rejected.

“We’re seeing massive people being kicked out of academies and kicked out of their military service, all for the reason of refusing the vaccine [for] religious exemptions. One, it’s completely un-American. And two, it is not the best for the safety and security of the American people,” Steube told Fox News Digital.

Sean Buck Vice Admiral Superintendent of the US Naval Academy
Sean Buck, the Vice Admiral Superintendent of the US Naval Academy received a letter about the request.
U.S. Navy
Undergraduate midshipmen salute
There is evidence that the US Naval Academy is keeping midshipmen from graduating if they needed religious accommodations for the COVID vaccine mandate.
AP/Susan Walsh

He noted that the USNA student’s inability to receive a diploma has set them “back significantly” as credits do not easily transfer from the academy to other colleges. Additionally, they put in four full years of time and effort, on the taxpayer dime, to no benefit of the US.

Steube also said that the vaccine mandate “absolutely” is impacting readiness and recruitment.

“And it is no coincidence that as they’ve made all of these atrocious decisions that individuals are not going to sign up,” said the congressman, who said one Air Force Academy applicant in his district pulled out due to the “woke” policies in the military that he disagreed with.

“[The military is] losing good candidates for the academies, and they’re losing good Americans who want to serve their country simply because they’re pushing wokeness and pronouns and transgenderism into our military, and they’re pushing vaccine mandates onto our military, which is affecting the safety and security of the American people,” continued Steube, who noted that he will not vote for the annual National Defense Authorization Act if it promotes a vaccine mandate or woke policies.

Rep. Greg Steube
Rep. Greg Steube believes denying diplomas to qualified midshipmen is a waste of the country’s four-year investment and will hurt military readiness.
CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

A spokesperson for the Navy told Fox News Digital in a statement on Tuesday, “We are aware of the letter sent this afternoon by Congressman W. Gregory Steube and other Members of Congress, we are working on a formal response.”

The Navy did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for data on how many midshipmen seeking religious accommodation to the mandate have been denied diplomas.

President Biden said in September that the pandemic is “over,” causing advocates on behalf of service members to question the Pentagon’s ongoing strict vaccine mandate.

Troop recruitment and retainment has suffered in part due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which is worrying lawmakers about the fighting “readiness” of the military.

President Joe Biden speaks at the US Naval Academy’s graduation and commissioning ceremony at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on May 27, 2022.
AP/Susan Walsh

“Denying diplomas to otherwise qualified midshipmen based solely on COVID-19 vaccination status would not only be a waste of our country’s four-year investment in midshipmen who are eager to serve our nation, but [it] could disrupt military readiness in a year that every branch had trouble recruiting,” Steube told Fox News Digital.

“The US Naval Academy must provide full transparency of their process to deny diplomas due to the absurd COVID-19 vaccination mandate, including details of cases where midshipmen’s religious exemption requests were also denied,” he said.

The Navy also did not address Fox News Digital’s inquiry regarding how the denial of diplomas is affecting overall military readiness.

The letter comes after the Coast Guard Academy unenrolled seven cadets for failing to comply with the military’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate after their requests for religious exemptions were denied. Those cadets were ordered to leave campus.

The Pentagon’s watchdog said in September that the Department of Defense is in “potential noncompliance” with standards for reviewing and denying religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.


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Not meant to be. Any chance of a reconciliation – even a “simple friendship” – between former TLC stars Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin is “very slim,” a source tells In Touch exclusively.

“Jon would do it if he thought in some way it would help the kids to all be together,” the insider shares. “Kate hasn’t made that an option.”

Jon, 45, and Kate, 47, divorced in 2009 and a strained dynamic between the family quickly formed. While Jon eventually gained custody of sextuplets Hannah and Collin and twins Cara and Mady, the remaining sextuplets – Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden – remained with Kate.

“Jon would love it if Hannah and Collin were able to have a good relationship with their mother,” the source adds. “He has always wanted everyone to get along, the kids to all spend time together, and to co-parent, but when it comes to Kate that was never an option.”

On Monday, November 28, Collin, 18, opened up about his estranged relationships with his mother and siblings in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, revealing it would be “ideal” to reconnect with Kate. Noting that his mother’s decision to send him to a behavioral institution drove a final wedge between them, Collin further expressed that his childhood onscreen was anything but normal.

 “Jon would love it if Kate saw Collin’s interview and apologized to Collin for what has transpired but he’s not holding his breath,” the source continues. 

The insider adds that “Jon wants both Hannah and Collin to choose their own paths in life” and the father of eight “wants nothing more than for Collin to be happy.”

“Collin has worked hard on himself and truly has a bright future,” the source says. “At such a young age Collin has learned to rise above the pain he’s been put through and just hopes that he can one day reunite with his brothers and sisters.”

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s Chances of Reconciling Are ‘Slim’ More Than Decade After Nasty Divorce

An additional insider previously told In Touch that Kate is “open” to reconciling with Collin. However, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 stars still have their past issues to work through.

 “She is still bitter over things he has said about her,” the insider explained of Collin’s past comments about the I Just Want You To Know author. “He is her child, and she loves him regardless, but she can be very spiteful. Once you cross her it is difficult to recover.” 

A rep for Jon Gosselin did not immediately respond to In Touch’s request for comment.


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A young woman and her mate launched a revenge attack on her ex-boyfriend.

Lolita Hogan, 20, pleaded guilty to affray after setting upon her friend’s former partner outside Westfield in Geelong.

The ex-girlfriend charged at the man and punched him in the back of the head in front of shocked shoppers outside the store in February 2020, the Geelong Advertiser reported.

Hogan then rushed in and punched him too, Geelong Magistrates’ Court heard.

She also punched another woman in the head after she tried to tear her away from the victim.

Both Hogan and the ex-girlfriend then grabbed the woman’s head and swung her into a wall, the court was told.

Lolita Hogan,
Lolita Hogan, 20, pleaded guilty to attacking her friend’s ex outside Westfield in Geelong.
Facebook / Lolita Hogan
Lolita Hogan
Hogan was handed a six-month good behavior bond.
Facebook / Lolita Hogan

Hogan later told police she attacked the man because she was “upset about what he did” to her friend when they were a couple.

She said she attacked the woman who tried to stop her because she was “a f—ing b—h too”.

Hogan avoided a conviction and was handed a six-month good behavior bond.


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In 2014, a 20-year-old Pete Davidson joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. With more than 100 episodes under his belt — and a number of highly publicized romances — the Staten Island, New York, native is one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. Pete’s staggering net worth also proves he’s a member of the A-list! To learn more about how Pete Davidson makes his money, keep reading. 

What Is Pete Davidson’s Net Worth?

As of November 2022, the actor has an estimated net worth of $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Pete Davidson Is a Former Cast Member of ‘Saturday Night Live’

Fun fact: Pete actually isn’t the youngest Saturday Night Live cast member ever … but he’s one of them! Anthony Michael Hall joined the hit sketch comedy series at 17 years old, Eddie Murphy joined at 19 years old and Robert Downey Jr. joined at 20 years old, tying Pete.

Prior to joining SNL, Pete was a regular on MTV’s Guy Code and Wild ‘N Out, but it was actually his small part in Amy Schumer‘s 2015 film Trainwreck that opened up some serious doors for him.

“It was after Amy Schumer gave me a part in Trainwreck and I met Bill Hader on set and we talked and kind of hit it off. He called me a week later and said ‘Hey, I recommended you to Lorne Michaels.’ And I was like, ‘Why?’ I was just so surprised. I didn’t even know that I could audition,” Pete previously told People, referring to the SNL creator.  “And the fact that I got it, I just couldn’t believe it.”

According to a number of outlets, Pete made $15,000 per episode of Saturday Night Live. However, the comedian’s journey on the show came to an end on May 22, 2022, when he appeared in his last episode.

Pete Davidson
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

How Does Pete Davidson Make Money?

In addition to SNL, Pete has appeared in a number of films including Set It Up, Big Time Adolescence, The King of Staten Island, The Suicide Squad, In Mourning with pal Machine Gun Kelly and Meet Cute opposite Kaley Cuoco. For The King of Staten Island, Pete was also a writer and director, as the film was based on his life.

“I made a tribute to my mom and dad, and I got to face these things I’d been avoiding for a really long time head-on,” the comedian said in a June 2020 interview with CBS Sunday Morning. “I really wanted this to be cleansing for me. I feel like I got to speak about it in the biggest way possible and I could get my story out there, so I feel like now, I can let it go.”

Pete’s father, Scott Davidson, was a New York City firefighter who died on 9/11 when Pete was 7 years old.

Pete Davidson Owns a Staten Island Ferry Boat

In January 2022, Pete and his Saturday Night Live costar Colin Jost purchased a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry boat for $280,100, according to ABC News. The comedians plan to turn the vessel into a nightclub.


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WASHINGTON – The US has accused Beijing of providing Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines of questionable efficacy to foreign nations “for strategic political purposes” — often demanding concessions such as cutting diplomatic ties with Taiwan in exchange.

Despite being ground zero for the outbreak, China capitalized on the pandemic to bend other countries to its will and build much-needed overseas ties, according to a Pentagon report published Tuesday.

“Beijing seized the opportunity to use COVID-19 as a propaganda tool against the West, sought to deflect culpability for the global pandemic and attempted to capitalize on its domestic success in containing the virus and providing foreign health assistance,” read the Defense Department’s China Military Power report for 2022.

China reportedly forced countries to cut off diplomatic ties with Taiwan for vaccines.
The US has accused Beijing of providing Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines of questionable efficacy to foreign nations “for strategic political purposes.”

China – whose closest links are with rogue states such as North Korea, Iran and Russia – lacks the international support defense experts say is needed to supplant the US as global superpower. The Pentagon regularly points to America’s strong alliances and relationships with foreign nations as a key strength of US national security.

“[China’s] foreign policy seeks to build a ‘community of common destiny’ that supports its strategy to realize ‘the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,’ [which is] Beijing’s revisionist ambition for the international order,” the report said.

China’s humanitarian efforts often came with political or economic strings attached.

“For example, the PRC successfully used vaccine provision to convince the Brazilian government to reverse its ban on [Chinese tech company] Huawei’s participation in its 5G networks,” the report said, using the official acronym for People’s Republic of China.

The Pentagon regularly points to America's strong alliances and relationships with foreign nations as a key strength of US national security.
China’s lack of strong allies has hindered it from being a global superpower.
CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Imag

The Pentagon further accused Beijing of strategically providing its coronavirus vaccines to key regions where they would most benefit from strengthened ties.

“Beijing primarily targeted countries in Asia and the global South, viewing the provision of COVID-19 vaccines as an opportunity to bolster China’s bilateral ties, advance its responsible great-power narrative and undercut support for Taiwan,” the report said.

China also “push[ed] disinformation on the origin of COVID-19” to distract from the shroud of suspicion over China’s possible role in the coronavirus outbreak, according to the report.

“State media and [Chinese] officials also engaged in an effort to push … denigrate democratic countries’ responses to COVID, and at times displayed a hardened political response to criticism,” it said.

Beijing also used its propaganda to “advance its responsible great power narrative.” For example, it continues to “assert the superiority of [China’s] political model in enabling its success against the virus,” such as its Zero-COVID strategy.

The policy – which Chinese citizens have been actively protesting this week – includes severe lockdowns, closed borders and mandatory testing regimes.


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