August 2022


Kate Moss has defended Hugh Hefner’s notorious Playboy Mansion, claiming the sprawling 29-room house had “family vibes” and wasn’t “seedy or gross” — despite recent allegations.

The British supermodel made the claims in an interview with British Vogue, amid allegations from former Playboy bunnies of abuse and misconduct in the infamous mansion.

Moss, 48, however praised the late publisher, recalling visiting the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles in 2013 just before her 40th birthday, shooting for the cover and an 18-page spread in Playboy.

“Well I met Hugh Hefner, I went to his house. I really liked him and he was there with his kids and a few of his bunnies and one of his bunnies took me round the house and gave me a tour and stuff,” she told the publication.

“I met his secretary who’d been with him for like 70 years, they’re just like a lovely institution or something, family vibes. I don’t know, I really liked it, there was nothing like seedy or gross about it. It was kind of really playful,” added Moss, who’s no stranger to defending men under fire. The one-time Calvin Klein muse also defended her ex Johnny Depp, 59, against unsavory accusations made during his recent defamation trial with Amber Heard, 36.

Moss said when she visited the mansion it wasn't 'seedy or gross.'
Moss said when she visited the mansion it wasn’t “seedy or gross.”
Dave Benett/Getty Images for Die

Hefner — who died in 2017 at 91 — hosted parties and entertained guests at the mansion, usually in the presence of supermodels. However, since his death, former bunnies and sexual partners have come forward accusing the mogul of abuse.

Former Playboy bunnies Holly Madison, 42 and Bridget Marquardt, 47 — who both dated the late mogul and were considered to be his “main girlfriends” — have revealed jaw-dropping insights about Hefner and life in the mansion in their new podcast “Girls Next Level.”

Madison co-hosted “Girls Next Door” on E! with Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, 37 in the early 2000s. 

In a recent episode, the women revealed Hefner had a “black book,” which he used to keep a record of the women in the house.

Playboy bunny Sheila Levell, Hugh Hefner and Playboy bunny Holly Madison in 2003.
Playboy bunny Sheila Levell, Hefner and bunny Holly Madison in 2003.
Getty Images

“The black book kept track of a few different things,” Marquardt said. “It kept track of when somebody collected their allowance. He would mark it off so you couldn’t ask for it twice.

“It also kept track of who slept with him and when,” she said.

The women also spoke about their sex lives with Hefner, with Madison describing it as “hell” and “traumatic.”

“He wouldn’t move. He would be like a bump on the log in the middle of the bed,” she recalled, adding the women in the mansion “wanted to get [the sex] over with as quickly as possible” because they weren’t “into it.”

“We thought of it as a chore that we had to do or else we’ll get kicked out of the house. Everybody just wanted to make it go by as quickly as possible,” Madison said.

Hefner died of sepsis at 91 in 2017, leaving behind a trail of abuse allegations.
Hefner died of sepsis at 91 in 2017, leaving behind a trail of abuse allegations.
Getty Images

Shocking revelations about the Playboy Mansion from behind closed doors were revealed earlier in the year in an explosive 10-part A&E documentary, “Secrets of Playboy,” revealing the dark side of Hefner’s empire with claims he built it off the backs of vulnerable women.

Former bunnies revealed they were forced into orgies and to have unprotected sex with Hefner, heavy drugs and alcohol, sexual assault and even bestiality.

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​Former President Donald Trump blasted ​FBI agents, saying it was “terrible the way” they spread out on the floor of Mar-a-Lago classified documents found in the raid on his home earlier this month — adding it’s a good thing he “declassified” them.

“​Terrible the way the FBI, during the Raid of Mar-a-Lago, threw documents haphazardly all over the floor (perhaps pretending it was me that did it!), and then started taking pictures of them for the public to see​,” Trump wrote on Truth Social Wednesday morning.​

“​Thought they wanted them kept Secret? Lucky I Declassified!​,” he added. ​

The Justice Department included a photo of materials in its filing late Tuesday in answer to Trump’s legal team’s motion to name a “special master” to examine the documents found in the Aug. 8 search and separate those covered by “executive privilege.”​

The photo shows a number of documents strewn across the carpeted floor containing brightly colored cover sheets that indicated they are “top secret” or “secret/SCI,” designating them as “sensitive compartmented information,” accessible only to those with the highest security clearances. 

Documents seized during the Aug. 8 search by the FBI of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.
Documents containing brightly colored cover sheets that indicate they are “top secret” or “secret/SCI.”
Department of Justice via AP
Donald Trump.
“​Thought they wanted them kept Secret? Lucky I Declassified!​,” former President Donald Trump wrote of the photo.
Yuki Iwamura

The photo also showed a box filled with framed Time magazine covers. 

In its filing in the Southern District of Florida, the Justice Department said the appointment of a special master is “unnecessary” because a government “filter team” has already gone through the documents and separated out any that could be subject to attorney-client privilege.

It also said naming a special master “would significantly harm important governmental interests, including national security interests” and would “impede” the continuing investigation.

Pages from a Department of Justice court filing.
The Justice Department said the appointment of a special master is “unnecessary” because a government “filter team” has already separated out any documents that could be subject to attorney-client privilege.
Jon Elswick/AP

And while Trump said he declassified the documents, the Justice Department said that during a meeting at Mar-a-Lago with the former president’s legal team in June, “neither counsel nor the custodian asserted that the former President had declassified the documents or asserted any claim of executive privilege.”

Instead, the filing says Trump’s lawyers handled them in a way suggesting they were still classified.

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The Ohio woman whose ex-boyfriend was gunned down by her dad — a moment caught on chilling Ring doorbell footage — told cops the fatal victim was verbally abusive and “changed” after they broke up.

James Rayl, 22, died from a gunshot wound to the back after attempting to force his way into the Sydney, Ohio, home of 52-year-old Mitchell Duckro on July 31, as seen in the viral video.

A grand jury subsequently voted 8-1 against indicting Duckro for Rayl’s killing, citing the state’s “State Your Ground” laws.

During a videotaped interview with police detectives after the shooting, first obtained by Daily Mail, Allyson Duckro explained that she and Rayl had previously been in a relationship but split up in 2019 because she said he was “just being a d—” and would tell her “everything that was wrong with me.”

She added, “He would say that no one was going to love me anymore.”

Following the couple’s breakup, Allyson told the police that she blocked Rayl on social media.

Allyson Duckro, 22, is pictured talking to police detectives about her ex-boyfriend James Rayl's shooting death at the hands of her father.
Allyson Duckro, 22, is pictured talking to police detectives about her ex-boyfriend James Rayl’s shooting death at the hands of her father.
Facebook / Justice for James Ray
James Rayl, 22, died after being shot three times, including once in the back, by Mitchell Duckro in Ohio.
Rayl, 22, died after being shot three times, including once in the back, by Mitchell Duckro in Ohio.
Facebook / Justice for James Ray

The 22-year-old woman said that at one point, Rayl had relocated to California, but when he returned to Ohio, “he was just different.”

“His close friends … he just started treating like crap and nobody wanted to deal with it,” Allyson claimed.

According to the woman, she and Rayl would take acid while they were dating, but she said she did not know if he was still using illicit drugs around the time of his death, because she had not been in contact with him.

Allyson also recounted the events that immediately preceded the bloodshed.

A Ring doorbell camera shows Rayl trying to force his way into the Duckro family's home in Sydney, Ohio, on July 31.
A Ring doorbell camera shows Rayl trying to force his way into the Duckro family’s home in Sydney, Ohio, on July 31.
Twitter/@Tr00peRR –
The homeowner fires three shots through a window, striking Rayl in his arms and back.
The homeowner fires three shots through a window, striking Rayl in his arms and back.
Twitter/@Tr00peRR –

She said that when she saw the glass on the front door break and the doorframe give way as Rayl was ramming it with his shoulder, she “freaked out and ran and hid.”

“I didn’t even see when [Mitchell Duckro] shot or anything, I just heard it,” the daughter recalled. “I literally hid most of the time. I screamed a bunch, and then I really started freaking out.”

The night before the shooting, Rayl had left a voicemail for Allyson, which was released earlier this month by the man’s sister, who has been leading a campaign demanding justice for her brother.

“Hi Ally, it’s James,” Rayl says softly on the recording. “I just wanted to reach out to you because I just wanted to see how you’re doing, and maybe hear from you, if that would be all right, I guess.

Allyson told cops she and Rayl had broken up in 2019, and that he had "changed" following his temporary move to California.
Allyson told cops she and Rayl had broken up in 2019, and that he had “changed” following his temporary move to California.
Facebook / Justice for James Ray
A grand jury this month voted against indicting Duckro for Rayl's killing.
A grand jury this month voted against indicting Duckro for Rayl’s killing.

“It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you and I don’t know, I feel like, I don’t know what I feel.”

Allyson and her family claimed she was scared after hearing her ex-boyfriend’s message.

In a 911 audio recording from the day of the shooting, which has been obtained by WHIO-TV 7, Allyson is heard telling her father that Rayl is trying to break down the door.

The Ring video shows the man standing on the Duckro family’s front porch and repeatedly slamming his body against the door after being told by her father to go away. At one point, Mitchell Duckro warns the unwelcome guest that he is armed.

“Dad, is he trying to kill me?” Allyson could be heard saying on the 911 call.

Rayl's loved ones, lead by his sister, have been waging a campaign demanding justice for him.
Rayl’s loved ones, led by his sister, have been waging a campaign demanding justice for him.
Facebook / Justice for James Ray

After Duckro shoots at Rayl three times, leaving him for dead in a walkway outside the house, his daughter is heard telling him, “Dad, there’s nothing you could have done. You saved my life,” according to the station.

During an interview with the police after the fact, Allyson’s mother, Stacie Duckro, tearfully said her daughter was “terrified” as she watched Rayl trying to break into their home.

“He tried to get my daughter,” the mom argued.

But she also spared a thought for the deceased man and his loved ones, saying, “I can’t imagine what his parents are going through.”

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Two new COVID-19 booster shots were authorized by the Food and Drug Administration Wednesday to combat the Omicron variant in the first redesign of the vaccine since its original release in December 2020, officials said.

The agency green-lit the revamped boosters — which could be available as soon as next week — to target the highly contagious BA.5 variant of Omicron and prevent a surge in the virus this winter, the FDA said in a statement.

The first booster, made by Pfizer and BioNTech, was authorized for use in people ages 12 and up and the second, by Moderna, was approved for people 18 and older.

Americans will be able to get the shots two months after receiving a vaccine or previous booster dose, officials said.

“As we head into fall and begin to spend more time indoors, we strongly encourage anyone who is eligible to consider receiving a booster dose,” Dr. Robert M. Califf, the FDA commissioner, said in a statement. “[It will] provide better protection against currently circulating variants.”

The FDA has approved two new COVID-19 booster shots to combat the Omicron variant.
The FDA has approved two new COVID-19 booster shots to combat the Omicron variant.
AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File

The new jabs contain half of the original coronavirus vaccine recipe, along with new ingredients that fight Omicron, the most dominant strain of the virus in the US.

They are expected to become available shortly after Labor Day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention signs off on them.

An average of about 475 COVID-19 deaths are recorded every day in the US, where more than a million people have died from the virus.

The two new booster shots from Pfizer and Moderna could be available as soon as next week.
The two new booster shots from Pfizer and Moderna could be available as soon as next week.
Pfizer via AP

With Post wires

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It’s no secret that most celebrities hate sex scenes. From having to get into awkward poses (sometimes with costars they don’t get along with) to being naked in front of a whole crew of people, we honestly can’t say that we blame them. But what’s even worse? Accidentally getting aroused while shooting the scene. It might be more common than you’d think, despite the admittedly unsexy on-set situation.

The cringeworthy moment happened to both Joe Jonas and Henry Cavill, and miraculously, neither of them died from embarrassment. The Superman Returns star admitted to Men’s Fitness in 2015 that he once got aroused while shooting a scene in The Tudors.

“It’s only happened to me once, and it was very embarrassing,” he said. “A girl had to be on top of me, she had spectacular breasts, and I hadn’t rearranged my — stuff into a harmless position. She’s basically rubbing herself all over me and, um, it got a bit hard.”

Talk about TMI! But he didn’t stop there. He continued to explain the aftermath of being in such an awkward situation. “I had to apologize profusely afterward,” he added. “It’s not great when you’re in a professional acting environment and somebody gets a boner, is it? No, not acceptable.”

Of course, more often than not, it’s awkward. When Kate Winslet filmed The Mountain Between Us in 2017, she told E! News her friends were “so jealous” of her getting to film a steamy scene with Idris Elba. But even when you have to cozy up to one of the sexiest men in the world, things just aren’t comfortable.

“Those scenes are really awkward — it doesn’t matter which way you look at it,” she said, admitting she did whatever she had to to make things go as smoothly as possible.

“‘OK, everyone — this is how it’s going to be,’” she joked. Her taking control of the situation actually helped her costar. “It was weirder for me because I haven’t done too many love scenes,” he said.

Check out the gallery below to see other celebrities who’ve admitted to getting a little, ahem, excited during their sex scenes.  

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An artist from London has honored Princess Diana on the 25th anniversary of her death.

Nathan Wyburn makes art using different kinds of objects, and he honored the People’s Princess with a touching portrait created out of candles.

In a video, you can see the candles set up as Princess Diana’s face as the artist lights each one by one, slowly illuminating the portrait of the iconic figure, who died Aug. 31, 1997, in a Paris car crash at 36.

At the end, he blows all the candles out until the video goes dark.

“Your candle burned out long before, your legend ever will,” Wyburn tweeted in his caption — a callback to Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind,” which plays in the background.

John’s performance was from Diana’s funeral at Westminster Abbey Sept. 6, 1997; as a close friend to the princess, he reworked the song to play a special, sentimental version at the funeral. In the days following her passing, millions paid tribute to the princess by leaving flowers, notes, memorabilia and gifts at Buckingham Palace, seeking closure in the painful loss that shook the world.

princess diana tribute
An artist from London has honored Princess Diana on the 25th anniversary of her death.
Nathan Wyburn Artist
princess diana candle tribute
Nathan Wyburn used candles to create the art piece.
Nathan Wyburn Artist
princess diana candles
Diana died Aug. 31, 1997, in a car crash at 36.
Nathan Wyburn Artist

“Next week is the 25th anniversary of my mother’s death, and she most certainly will never be forgotten,” Diana’s son, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, said last week. “I want it to be a day to share the spirit of my mum with my family, with my children, who I wish could have met her.”

Meanwhile, in London Wednesday, visitors to Kensington Palace gathered and brought flowers, memorial arrangements, photos, notes, artwork and other memorabilia in a show of honor.

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Clearing things up. Rachel Bilson is clarifying her previous comments equating her split from ex Bill Hader to the pain of childbirth.

“I did not actually say that. I’m happy you brought that up,” The O.C. alum, 41, told host Alex Cooper during the August 31 episode of “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “I said, obviously, he and I, we’re not still together, so we broke up. But it was during a time where you could not leave your house.”

“I had to deal with this. I had to deal with being alone and taking care of my kid and everything else,” she added during her visit. “Being isolated and not being able to connect with any humans, not being able to help myself. I got into a depression, all of these things. That time having to be forced to face all of your s–t I said was harder than childbirth. Is anything more painful? F–k no. Maybe kidney stones.”

The Hart of Dixie alum previously confirmed her romance with the Barry star during a June episode of her “Broad Ideas” podcast. 

“We dated. I went to the f–king Golden Globes [with him],” she told a shocked Aubrey Plaza.

Just one week prior, Rachel opened up about her difficult breakup to This Is Us alum Mandy Moore during the June 6 episode of her podcast.

The actress explained that because she “could not leave [her] house” due to the coronavirus pandemic, she “had nothing else to do but sit in it, deal with it and feel it.” 

Rachel added that the split “hurt like a motherf–ker.” “It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she said.  

The California native and the Saturday Night Live alum, 44, sparked relationship rumors in late 2019 before making their red carpet debut at the 2020 Golden Globes. They called it quits just five months later, in June 2020.

The Jumper actress went on to explain that while “all breakups are hard,” this one felt different. “Things happen, things change. There was a pandemic. Yeah, so it was a hard time,” she told Alex.

Rachel was previously linked to Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen following her 2006 breakup from former costar Adam Brody. The pair announced their engagement in December 2008 before breaking up in 2010. They rekindled their romance a few months later and welcomed a daughter, Briar Rose, in October 2014. Rachel and Hayden split for good in September 2017. 

For his part, Bill moved on with Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick, though they reportedly broke up in June 2022. 

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Making bank? Angela Deem has become one of the most loved and most hated cast members on 90 Day Fiancé, though she makes money outside of her work on reality TV. Keep reading to find out her net worth, how she makes money and more.

What Is Angela Deem’s Net Worth?

Angela has an estimated net worth of $100,000, according to The List.

How Does Angela Deem Make Money?

Before she became a reality TV star, Angela worked in the healthcare industry as a nursing assistant at a hospice. It is currently unknown if she still is at the same job now, though there’s no evidence she left the position. 

Angela makes money from her appearances on the TLC show, as well as her partnerships on social media. The reality star makes personalized videos for fans on Cameo, while she has promoted products from brands including Boombod and Flat Tummy Co. for her 743,000 Instagram followers.

She reportedly receives a $15,000 paycheck from the network per season, while she also earned a $2,500 bonus for appearing on the show’s tell-all specials.

You Might Be Surprised By ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Angela Deem’s Net Worth: How She Makes Money

When Did Angela Deem Join ‘90 Day Fiance’?

Angela made her 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days debut during season 2 with her now-husband, Michael Ilesanmi.

After initially meeting on social media in 2017, Michael and Angela developed a long-distance relationship and she traveled to Nigeria to meet her online boyfriend in person for the first time. They eventually filed for Michael’s K-1 visa, which was later denied. The pair decided to exchange vows in Africa in January 2020, as it was the only way to bring Michael to the United State on a CR-1 visa, which allows the spouse of an American citizen to enter the country and obtain a green card.

Despite their nuptials, the Georgia native and Michael haven’t been able to reunite in the U.S. “Michael and I have been waiting on this spousal visa for two years and … we still haven’t got approval,” Angela explained during a June 2022 episode of 90 Day Diaries. “The wait is tough, so I just decided in the meantime to focus on my health.”

Are Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi Still Together?

Angela and Michael returned for season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? in August 2022, though it seems there’s trouble in paradise.

As the pair continue to live apart, Angela admitted she felt her husband was “becoming increasingly neglectful of her.” She also expressed concerns that he was scamming her.

In a teaser clip for the season, which premiered on August 28, Angela seemingly began a new relationship with a man who she met online. “I’ve gave nothing but loyalty to Michael for five years,” the mom of two told the cameras. “But at this point, I got to do what I got to do for me.”

The next scene cut to Angela addressing a man as her “sexy baby” on a phone call. “Hey angel,” he replied.

She then teased meeting the mystery man in person for the first time. “What do you think about me coming to Canada?” Angela asked during the call.

The super trailer for season 7 also hints at major drama between Michael and Angela during another trip to Nigeria. In the clip, she was seen breaking Michael’s car and a family member had to intervene as they got in each other’s faced during a screaming match. “You can’t just come to my house like that. Are you crazy?” Michael shouted. “I’m done! I’m done! Get out!”

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American Airlines was worse than any other US carrier at reuniting passengers with their checked luggage through the first six months of the year, according to the latest data from the Department of Transportation.

The American Airlines network, which includes flights operated by the airline and its partners, “mishandled” 8.7 bags for every 1,000 check-in pieces of luggage on flights from January through June, according to the DOT’s recently released August Air Travel Consumer Report.

In total, American Airlines and its partners mishandled more than 454,000 bags during the six-month period, according to the feds.

The term mishandled refers to checked bags that were “lost, damaged, delayed and pilfered” during domestic nonstop flights, according to the agency’s release.

The Alaska Airlines network ranked second among the worst offenders, mishandling 7.2 checked-in bags per 1,000, or 94,000 in total. JetBlue ranked third with 7 mishandled bags per 1,000, or 53,785 in total.

Representatives for American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue did not immediately return requests for comment.   

Bloomberg via Getty Images

The number of mishandled bags on US domestic flights has spiked this year as fliers contend with travel chaos across the country. US airlines are struggling to meet surging demand while facing shortages of pilots and flight crews as well as supply chain disruptions and high fuel costs.

On the opposite end, Allegiant Air was the most reliable in terms of baggage handling, with 1.6 bags mishandled per 1,000. They were followed by Hawaiian Airlines at 3.1 bags per 1,000 and Frontier Airlines at 3.6 bags per 1,000.

In total, US airlines who qualified for tracking mishandled 6.3 bags per 1,000 during the first six months of 2022. That figure is much higher than the same six-month figure one year ago, when US airlines mishandled about 4.4 bags per 1,000.

The DOT tracks mishandled baggage figures for US airlines with at least half of 1% of domestic passenger revenues.

Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines ranked second among the worst airlines in terms of mishandled baggage.
Getty Images

The feds will be watching airline performance closely over what is expected to be a busy Labor Day travel weekend. The Fourth of July and other recent holiday weekends have resulted in headaches for fliers in the form of flight cancellations and delays.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg called flight disruptions “unacceptable” in a recent letter to the heads of major US airlines. He noted that 24% of US domestic flights were delayed over the first six months of the year.

Buttigieg said airlines should offer impacted passengers compensation if they are delayed or forced to stay at an airport overnight.

Passenger luggage
The Department of Transportation’s rankings applied to checked bags on domestic flights.
Boston Globe via Getty Images

“The Department asks that airlines, at a minimum, provide meal vouchers for delays of 3 hours or more and lodging accommodations for passengers who must wait overnight at an airport because of disruptions within the carrier’s control,” Buttigieg said in the letter.

“Regardless of the cause of the delays or cancelations, the Department expects airlines to provide timely and responsive customer service during and after periods of flight disruptions,” he added.

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