IFAST was one of the best performing SG stocks in 2021.


Climbing from $3 to about $10 in just 9 months in 2021.. a whopping 228%..


It went to a high of about $10 in Oct last year and sellers were just there to defend and pushed prices down each time it neared.


As we begun 2022, more weakness crept in and it has seen traded down by more than 50% from it’s peak at 10.00…


yes, you head it right… a 50% sell down with prices at about 4.76 now.!!!

So what should we do now?


Is it time to rush in like there is no tomorrow for the biggest bargain ever or..


should we still be cautious of more selling that can potentially happen?



Joey here, Top Tier Remisier and trader in Phillip Securities.


Watch this video all the way to the end as I dissect the chart of IFAST stock for you.


We will discover where we are not and some of the key levels that you’ll want to know as well..


thinking to buy on dips?  Find out what to do..or NOT TO DO..


See what it says on my 1GT system and if we have any bullish or maybe bearish signals recently..


Discover here >> https://youtu.be/fvwwztSX8II




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